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  1. Radiator leak

    Heads up everyone. My 2018 JLUR with 47k miles is going to be at the dealer for a couple of weeks while waiting for a replacement radiator. I noticed the other day a heavily sweet smell coming from the engine bay. After sniffing around, I found that the smell was strongest at the driver's side...
  2. 3.6L "Hiccup"

    The 3k hiccup isn't a hiccup. Have a look at the dyno maps. All of them have a huge dip around 3k. This is just the factory tune.
  3. Head gasket leak at 8000 miles.

    My .02 ... for however the dealer handles this, keep this in mind... The oil pump is 2 stage, 30psi at low rpms and 60psi at higher rpms. It may only leak at the 60psi rpms. This smells of the dealer putting on a show by "re-torquing" bolts in 30 minutes (a.k.a. pressure washing the engine in...
  4. Recall Notice 21V-028 [1/28/21]: Manual Transmission / Clutch Overheat Covers All 2018-2021 Jeep Wranglers Produced by January 22, 2021

    My unfounded bet on the difference... is that 2018-2020 only has a simple neutral sense switch. I do know that it can sense neutral because during an auto start/stop event, I have shifted into gear without using the clutch. This causes a warning to be displayed on the dash asking for me to fix...
  5. Teyes CC2 Head Unit Install for the Jeep JL

  6. How are your cloth seats holding up?

    I love my cloth seats! I am constantly moving my kids car seats between my jeep and wife's highlander with leather and I'm noticing on her leather, the car seats are imprinting on the leather and she has several areas of wear and her arm rest ripped quite quickly. My cloth is still perfect...
  7. Tazer Jl mini (full version) VS. JScan App

    I have both and use each for different purposes. The tazer is great for its live functions (ess, sway, locker, etc...) but I like Jscan for changing ecu settings (tire size, enabling features, etc...). I also use other apps on my android radio like dashcommand which use the same Bluetooth obdii...
  8. Crossmembers and Skid Plates

    I've read that before... But my manual transmission 18 jlur has it.
  9. Crossmembers and Skid Plates

    From the pictures of the artec plates, I don't see a forward cross member. This is the bar that would normally bolt right behind the lower track bars and crosses over the exhaust pipe where it's slightly flattened.
  10. Crossmembers and Skid Plates

    Yes, Artec does seem to cover a lot of my concerns about clearance and weight. But, like all the other full belly skid systems, it looks like it removes the front crossmember and leaves the exhaust mostly unprotected. I'm starting to think of going with the Rusty's skid system for the...
  11. Crossmembers and Skid Plates

    In short, I have a 4 door rubicon with the 3.6 and 6 speed and I'm staying with 35's (Yes! I won't change my mind for a LONG time). I have done difficult trails all ready but want to expand to the Rubicon. I wheel cautiously and am very technical with my lines, but like everyone I occasionally...
  12. Recall Notice 21V-028 [1/28/21]: Manual Transmission / Clutch Overheat Covers All 2018-2021 Jeep Wranglers Produced by January 22, 2021

    Am I the only one who read this to mean that they STOPPED all manual production on January 22, 2021 ?? And no, I will not ask for this recall. But, if we have learned anything from DieselGate, it's that eventually we will have no choice.
  13. Quadratec’s YJL Jeep Wrangler Debuts to Celebrate 30th Anniversary

    My first vehicle was a '89 YJ. I loved that thing. As for the quadratec YJL, I would of not cut the roll bars, that just looks odd. BUT, I probably would buy those lights and that grill. THAT looks awesome to me!
  14. Wife drove in 4L for 20 Miles at 60 miles per hour.

    I agree with the others, the engine should be fine. My main fear is in the transfer case. When in low range, a planetary gear is engaged on the input shaft. Spinning this gear set at high speeds probably generated a lot of heat and also sheared the oil a lot. My suggestion is to change the...
  15. Electrical and rear end issues

    for the battery issues, see...
  16. TazerJL Feature Requests

    It's been mentioned elsewhere... but, the ability to map a button to Max AC and another for the Dual Zone Sync functions would be awesome. A few of us who have changed out our radios have lost this ability.
  17. Teyes CC2 Head Unit Install for the Jeep JL

    Yes, you needed to buy the extra output harness.
  18. Teyes CC2 Head Unit Install for the Jeep JL

    You are correct. The hvac controls on the Teyes are not interactive. So, at the moment I can not use sync or max ac. I do have a few ideas on how to correct this, but we'll see what works. And I have not tried the doors off bug... But a simple work around would be to swipe down from the top and...
  19. Teyes CC2 Head Unit Install for the Jeep JL

    I believe the one that finally worked was the obdlink app. BUT, this may be because my obd module is the obdlink MX+, and their software only works with their modules. It's still probably worth a try.
  20. Teyes CC2 Head Unit Install for the Jeep JL

    I have jscan and a few other apps working. The short trick is to find an app that will scan and add bluetooth devices without relying on the control panel. I'll check on what app that I used.