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  1. Punk'n Zoey - JLUR 2.0L

    A little beach time at Port Aransas, TX today.
  2. 2.0T eTorque vs Non eTorque? - anyone driven both?

    Often times car reviewers do performance numbers from a roll which would negate a lot/all of the gain for the BSG. The BSG isn't a huge deal though for me it makes ESS not annoying and it fills a little power right off the line but 1500rpm comes really fast and it is off before you know it.
  3. Punk'n Zoey - JLUR 2.0L

    Only have had the pleasure at Inks Ranch during the Jamboree. Rear is 2. Front not sure off the top of my head. Really the right answer though is to install then flex and check everything then modify as required. Wheel backspace is 4.25.
  4. Punk'n Zoey - JLUR 2.0L

    Got the Metalcloak undercloak, diff covers, and front diff skid installed. Not too crazy wheeling today but still had fun at GSL Ranch north of San Antonio.
  5. Punk'n Zoey - JLUR 2.0L

    Jeep Jamboree - Moab, UT
  6. Punk'n Zoey - JLUR 2.0L

    Pismo Beach/Oceano Dunes, CA Pirate Jeep Jamboree - Texas Spur - Inks Ranch - Llano, TX GSL Ranch, TX
  7. Bumper mounted Swing out Tire carrier vs. HD replacement hinge tire carrier

    I am another fan of the LoD tire carrier. it uses 2 proper greaseable bearings, it's built like a tank and opens with the tailgate.
  8. Who makes a trailer light bracket skid?

    I know I have seen one somewhere but can't find it again and my google-fu has failed me. My factory trailer light plug housing has taken a few beatings and needs some help.
  9. Poison Spyder Rubicon Hood Louver Install for the Jeep JL / JT

    You would also need to cut the bottom tray like section off the stock vents but I think stock looks better too.
  10. Punk'n Zoey - JLUR 2.0L

    Bald Mountain overlooking Shaver Lake in California. Hauled ass down to Big Bear, CA after Bald Mtn to meet with these crazy people.
  11. Skid plates

    MetalCloak @CloakedJL is the other one. Depending on what engine you have. Right now they only have the 3.6 on the website but it may be worth a call if you like their stuff and you have a 2.0 I know they have made them and people have posted pictures but they are not on the website (yet?)...
  12. Hope nobody's order is delayed (train carrying new Jeeps derails)

    Bunch of Jeeps destroyed in a derailment in Nevada. Dozens of brand-new cars destroyed in ‘spectacular’ Nevada train derailment POSTED 4:45 PM, JULY 10, 2019 LINCOLN COUNTY, Nevada —...
  13. Punk'n Zoey - JLUR 2.0L

    Only way to get a response from them is a phone call and expect to wait for a call back for an actual answer. However I always did get a call back at least. They did not charge me a cancellation fee but it was the the third time I had followed up and been told that it should go out within 2...
  14. Trade your 48" hi-lift jack for my 60"?

    Just an FYI you can buy just the 48 inch bar as a replacement part and it really isn't too bad of a price. I was considering the same thing. Then just swap all the pieces from the 60 to the 48.
  15. Extended Warranty and Gap Insurace

    Yeah check with finance company and insurance co for GAP nothing wrong with shopping for coverage. As far as Warranty I would look at what it would mean as a second vehicle for you. If it is a toy at that point that you don't mind doing some of the work yourself and things not being absolutely...

    Air Force. Because my ASVAB let me. :like: I still like the rest of you though, and the ground guys always seemed to like us too. You never hear them complaining about having a Predator/Reaper overhead. Or an AC-130 or A-10 for that matter. :flag::jk:
  17. Jeep wave at Gladiators?

    I'm not going to start checking all JL's to see if they have extra stuff hiding behind them (a truck bed) so the JT's get a wave and they better learn to return it cause I am going to be mad if everyone stops waving at JL's over it.
  18. Forward collision warning.

    It seems like it is comparing horizontal lines (car bumbers etc) to vertical lines (lanes) so if like in @ClaytonW video the overpass looks like a car with the side walls being lanes. Sometimes road transitions Asphalt to concrete etc can cause a line that triggers it. The reason this triggers...
  19. Overlapping model year orders?

    Bikini is new this year and I doubt they will cut the color that soon. I mean Nacho was short lived but that was early on in production. I feel like they have things sorted out now.