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  1. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    The last email I got from Jeff through customer care (that’s the guy who contacted me after the Jeep Chat lady opened a case number), I was in the final stages of shipping and he’d get back to me on March 10.... his email was on February 24. But we know what happened next, that weekend my...
  2. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Email. I never got anything in the mail. Watch it show up tomorrow. Mail delays...
  3. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Maybe you too can get the $1000 off email the day after you’ve signed everything! LOL.
  4. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    It was hilarious. Lol. Oh here’s a coupon! 😂😂
  5. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    😂😂 and in typical ironic form for my life, I just got an email from Jeep for $1000 off any Jeep except the Grand Cherokee. I got so mad at it I did a shift+delete If that ain’t a kick in the man berries!
  6. Recommended Dealers List

    Yes, it most definitely was! It was a long 9 months from when I was ready to order in June of 2020! The Adaptive Cruise Control is freakin awesome!!!
  7. Recommended Dealers List

    He’s been mentioned plenty before. I live in PA, and went to MD. For anyone in the Mid-Atlantic area, Mr Leon Travis, part of @kglassic sales team at @CriswellJeep in Gaithersburg MD, is awesome. His email is [email protected] and his cell is (202) 557-0032. Get with him!! Super people...
  8. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Old on the right, new on the left. About half a dozen fuses weren’t fully seated. Everything was and is awesome.
  9. Guide: Wrangler Order, Build, Tracking and Delivery Process

    Never had Death Wobble, knock on wood. Neither did my friend have it on hers. Or my other friend on his.
  10. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Today’s the day I trade ScoobyBlue! Willys for the grow’d up ScoobyBlue!! Rubicon. So anxious. But side stop at Fenwick Bakery for breakfast goodies and something to give my salesperson Leon. Leaving at 9a and the time cannot come soon enough.
  11. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Me too me too!! I can’t wait.
  12. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Uconnect has located my vehicle. 😁
  13. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    I got a text to register for the Uconnect. I wonder if I should hit the Horn & Lights button in the app now and surprise someone at the dealership. LOL, that’d be rude but a little funny!
  14. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Just a thought, did you go to your sales person? Or better yet if they don’t reply, ask the sales manager? Hope yours comes soon!
  15. Diesel: Legally delete after 25years

    “Is it Illegal to Delete EGR? EGR delete is declared illegal in all 50 states in America. Primarily because an EGR delete leads to pollution. It’s mandatory for all streetcars to meet current emission regulations that govern the engine use of today set by the Federal Government. You must also...
  16. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    To Mass.....maybe not. Maybe a little too far for a straight truck trip so rail it would be. It’s all so close it hurts! LOL
  17. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    It may be farther along. Jeep Chat once told me I was waiting for inspection before having additional options installed when in fact I was with the upfitter. I hope yours is the same case, that it’s just farther along than what Chat says.
  18. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    So for the record of tracking, here is the complete timeline: 15 Dec 2020 ordered 16 Dec VON 17 Dec VIN and POC Stays in D phase since hydro blue JL was not starting the line until early February, found this out in 6 Jan 6 Jan 2021 D1, estimated ship 17 Feb 16 Feb Paint Stage F 18 Feb started...
  19. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Saturday! Can’t wait!
  20. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    It’s arrived! Zoom in, that’s mine in the middle!