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  1. Mopar Tailgate Integrated Air compressor

    Are you certain the actual *compressor* is in there? Don't see how one could fit any compressor in that space that's useful for much more than pumping up volleyballs and maybe an air mattress. The size constraint and lack of cooling are some serious limitations. I could see, though, that it's...
  2. 4xe Jeep Wranglers spotted in all trims

    Funny how when the Bronco dropped Jeep could cobble up a V8 Wrangler and trot it out as a concept but we STILL don't have any real details on the Wrangler 4xe that was actually announced and supposedly going to be a 2021 model. Come on, Jeep!
  3. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    First crack? Ford made the Bronco for over 30 years. After looking at the content in yesterday's reveal I'm impressed (and I've NEVER been a blue oval guy). They are going to sell a metric shit-ton of those things. I'm happy to see it as it represents true competition in the market which is...
  4. Soft-Top v Hardtop

    Yeah, that's an I-4. Just FYI.
  5. Have an EcoDiesel JL Sahara for the week...some observations.

    All motors can run "just fine" on lower octane fuel than what they are supposed to run - modern systems will retard the ignition to accommodate, with a lower fuel economy (and performance) as a result. If the point is fuel economy, though, then apples aren't being compared to apples. As I said...
  6. Have an EcoDiesel JL Sahara for the week...some observations.

    So the same price as Premium, then - the same price as needed for the 2.0T.
  7. Pulled over.

    Why not just hire a lawyer in the first place and cut out the middle man?
  8. Have an EcoDiesel JL Sahara for the week...some observations.

    ??? Definitely agree with the comments about the upfront cost of the diesel being a serious consideration, but fuel price? My local Costco's prices as of 6 hours ago (via Gasbuddy): Regular - $2.49 Premium - $2.99 Diesel - $2.49 Same price as fuel for V-6 and fifty cents cheaper than...
  9. Pulled over.

    Only way CPD write up anything like that is if you are driving like a dumbass and/or act like an a-hole, they've got way more important stuff to deal with every day than BS equipment violations.
  10. Wrangler JL plug in hybrid release date

    Given that they postponed it, 2 weeks ago, and haven't yet announced a new date I'm guessing not very popular.
  11. Wrangler JL plug in hybrid release date

    I did write *reported*; I didn't claim that Jeep had made any public releases to that effect. As to who reported, here's just one example (as with anything reported one is left to do their own analysis as to their perception of the reporter and/or publisher's veracity): As for when the...
  12. Wrangler JL plug in hybrid release date

    It had been reported that Jeep would be releasing more details around the PHEV Wrangler at the Geneva Auto Show, which had been scheduled for this week. The Show was just cancelled due to the Swiss government banning large (>1K) gatherings of people in response to the Covid-19 crisis...
  13. Unable to order a manual transmission

    You get a manual V-6 and slice off 2 cylinders. Important planning note: don't slice off the end with the cam chain! Bonus is how much space in the engine compartment is freed up.
  14. Let's talk coffee, what is your set up?

    Not knocking SS - just commenting that SS percolators were not the common thing that one would think when they are described as "old school". Like I said maybe they were much more common than I know and its just that we couldn't afford such things back then (early 60's). Dad was a career...
  15. Unable to order a manual transmission

    I'm interested to learn more about this V4 motor.
  16. Let's talk coffee, what is your set up?

    My folks used a percolator for years and years, so definitely "old school". Stainless steel percolators? Not so much - unless, perhaps, my folks were even poorer than I remember.
  17. windshield replacement

    I think you'll have better luck having lunch with Bigfoot and Nessie with a Yeti bartender than you will finding the mystery KPGlass windshield.
  18. Impressions from a 5.13 gears install on a JL Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon (JLUR)

    Steel bumpers are a priced option, not standard.
  19. Incentives on factory build

    If by "TreadLightly thing" you mean the FCA Affiliate Reward discount, of which TL is just one of many eligible programs, I'd guess that's really between you and your dealer. If you've already made your deal without having introduced your intent to use the Affiliate Reward and go forward with...