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  1. EVE: 4XE Build

    Thanks! The 4XE belongs to my wife, the Diesel JT is mine :beer:
  2. EVE: 4XE Build

    Installed a set of amber Baja Designs Squadron LED's.
  3. EVE: 4XE Build

    It worked great that one time she used it. Charged about 30% in the little over half hour she was there. Thanks! It still has a long way to go, trying to get my Gladiator fully done before I dig much deeper. Haven’t had time to mess with it much. We purchased a level 2 charger from Amazon...
  4. EVE: 4XE Build

    I love the wheels, but wish I had gone with a set of MT’s. I ran into an issue with some wet clay/dirt and nearly got stuck because I misjudged the surface and didn’t carry enough speed to clear them out. After Following our Diesel on Yokohama G005’s at similar speeds it makes me regret the...
  5. 4XE Edition JL Club Thread

    Rough Country 2.5” Spacer lift for now. It’s a nice holdover until more 4XE specific kits are available. We will most likely end up with a Metalcloak kit or a hybrid featuring their arms and other springs/shocks etc. With my Diesel JT taking way to long to get parts/finish I didn’t want to...
  6. 4XE Edition JL Club Thread

    Loving our 4XE. Even with the 37" tires and bumpers we are getting over 22 miles of all electric range. Much more than our typical daily commute.
  7. EVE: 4XE Build

    Installed a Rival4x4 Aluminum stubby rear bumper, and a Teraflex Alpha tire relocation kit. The included hitch was nice as my wife doesn't plan on towing but would love to occasionally mount a bike rack. We need to relocated the 4xE badge to the other side or on the tailgate. I'll deal with...
  8. Game Changer 2.5 lift for the ecodiesel

    We have had a 3.5” kit on our Diesel for a while now and love it. The extra bit of weight makes the Jeep ride better than an equivalent 3.6l or 2.0t. I would say the ride is fairly close to stock with their rocksport shocks. I never understand a dealer not warranting a lift over a certain...
  9. Owners show off your new 4xe!

    Still have a good way to go, but current progress pic next to our EcoDiesel 17" Weld Wheels, 37" KO2's, RC 2.5"(temporary) Rival4x4 aluminum front bumper, and warn VR-EVO 10s
  10. EVE: 4XE Build

    The KO2's we have are D rated. I installed a aluminum Rival4x4 front bumper today with a Warn VR-EVO 10s, and took the blue flatlink off my JT(that color is on backorder. ) It's still fairly heavy with the steel winch plate, but lighter than a full steel bumper. I will be installing the rear...
  11. EVE: 4XE Build

    these are the same tires that come on the factory wheels(just bigger) so no change in noise that I noticed.
  12. EVE: 4XE Build

    Thanks! It drives pretty much the same. Last night I had an extreme head wind and used 60% of my battery on my 14 mile commute(it is normally 50% all electric in stock form). I didn’t really realize the wind until I drove to work this morning and used the same 50% I normally do. I spoke to the...
  13. EVE: 4XE Build

    Installed a set of 17” Weld wheels, 37” KO2’s, and a rough country 2.5” lift(temporary until we decide on a full setup). Bumpers and winch should go on tomorrow or Friday
  14. Clicking sound when turning

    It’s likely the ball joint studs “loose” in the tapered aluminum knuckle. It doesn’t seem to happen on the steel knuckle JL/JT’s but I hear it a lot on the alloy knuckle JL’s(especially with bigger tires). I really wish they all came with the steel knuckles, as torquing those nuts seems to be...
  15. 4xe speedometer calibration

    can’t wait! We just ordered a Tazer for my wife’s 4XE
  16. EVE: 4XE Build

    Wife went to Whole Foods today and decided to charge while she was shopping. There must have been 4 people watching wondering what she was doing parking a Jeep in an EV spot. I can’t wait until someone tries to give her hell for it and then she plugs it in.
  17. EVE: 4XE Build

    congrats, the wait was worth it! We ordered a 2.5” Rough Country spacer lift for now. We were thinking of going with a Metalcloak with with a small leveling spacer in the rear if needed. We’ve installed a few of their gas kits on diesels and they ride fantastic with the extra weight(better...
  18. EVE: 4XE Build

    We picked up a 4XE for my wife @TankGirl on 4/22/2021. She has had a few Wranglers, but when she found out the plug in hybrid would become available she had to have it. She loves the idea of saving the planet, and is also a Vegan which is where the name "EVE" comes in(Extraterrestrial...
  19. 4xE Order Status??

    Ours has finally arrived :rock:
  20. Ordering a 4XE Tomorrow - Pick My Color!!!

    Both are beautiful colors in person. We have a Sarge Green Diesel and just sold our Sting Gray JT. The only reason I wouldn’t consider Sarge on the 4xE is the blue accents. I ordered a Rubicon 4xE for my wife, the blue accents(which she loves) played a big part in color choice. On a Sahara I...