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  1. JLUR MetalCloak 2.5 and 3.5 Door Frame Height

    Looks about right for the 2.5 and 35s. The MC kits really need at least 37s for a balanced look IMHO.
  2. Rubicon 37s no lift

    These setups on otherwise stock Rubicons will rub on the street when weighted down with a full set of passengers, even if they're kids. Been there, did that for more than 5k miles before I was finally able to afford a lift.
  3. What Control Arms should I buy?

    Honestly, Metalcloak level of quality probably not neccessary if you plan to keep everything else stock. I've been extremely happy with mine though as they will improve the ride, even on a stock rig, due to superior bushing design
  4. What Control Arms should I buy?

    Well these are really gold!
  5. 2.5 or 3.5 lift metalcloak on 19 rubicon.

    First, I'm talking about 20s and at least a 37in tire. I have no experience with 22s, and or smaller 35 or below. However, I imagine someone with 22s and 40s or (larger) would be fine as well. Second, I stated the disadvantage to my combo was increased exposure of your wheels to rock rash...
  6. 2.5 or 3.5 lift metalcloak on 19 rubicon.

    I could have aired down more if I wanted. I chose not to and had no problems. You call call folks like me a mall crawler all you want, but I'm out there with everyone else on the same gnarly stuff and keeping up just fine, if not better than many. And not a mall in sight. Haters gonna hate I...
  7. 2.5 or 3.5 lift metalcloak on 19 rubicon.

    Disagree. I aired down to 13 psi on my 37x12.50R20s and has NO issues traversing slick wet granite boulders. The ONLY thing that sucked wasn't my vehicle's performance on the trail but having 20s did expose my wheels to more rock rash than my buddies and their 17s. There's simply more wheel out...
  8. 2.5 or 3.5 lift metalcloak on 19 rubicon.

    I'm a perfect example of your dilemma. I had gone back and forth but eventually installed a full 2.5in MC Gamechanger, to include driveshaft on my 2018 JLUR, sitting on 37s. Drives great, but even leaving CloakWorks, I was having second thoughts. I should have gone bigger... Still those...
  9. Did you sell your muscle car for a Jeep?

    If I could I would find one of the CTS-V wagons. Those things are badass. As I said earlier in this thread, I also own a Chrysler 300 SRT-8. Looks pretty chill but all muscle car with about 425 hp. I love it
  10. Bourbon talk...

    Wild Turkey 101 and Larceny are also winners in my book. The standard Old Forrester is amazing for even less cost.
  11. California Rubicon Front Driveshaft (Northern CA)

    Don't know, but it came off a stock 2018 Rubicon Unlimited at about 11k miles. That Jeep had not seen any wheeliing to that point so its in pristine condition. I took it off when I got my Metalcloak lift and replaced the driveshaft with their aftermarket one. So far as I know that part has been...
  12. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I have a Tazer already installed. Guess I just need to turn those alerts off and be done with it!
  13. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    And inaccurate more often than not. I often get alerts for warnings a couple hundred miles away...
  14. Harbor Freight Badland Apex 12,000# Winch Lower Price

    Yeah, I'm sure results will vary. Who at corporate, or what number could one call to verify? YOu might have got lucky and I'm wondering if all local Harbor Freights would be willing to apply the coupon along with the $549 Black Friday sale
  15. California Rubicon Front Driveshaft (Northern CA)

    Gotcha. Let me know if you change your mind
  16. California Rubicon Front Driveshaft (Northern CA)

    Man, I'm not sure at all. I'll have to take it to the local UPS Store and get a quote. I'm sure it will be at least $80. Would you still be interested if that's the case?
  17. Has Anyone Installed Metal Cloak 2.5 Lift With Alternative Shocks.

    That would work but travel would be awful. Beast advice is sell the shocks and use that money for new ones. You could get the very nice (IMHO) MC Rocksports and have a bunch more money left over. Or you could put that cash to offset somewhat some other more expensive option
  18. JL Wrangler vs 4Runner vs New 2020 Defender Comparison Review

    I agree. A larger / newer looking Freelander. Pass...
  19. Bourbon talk...

    Ya'll got more money than me to spend on Bourbon!
  20. California Rubicon Coils/Struts w/1.5” teraflex spacers

    Wranglers don't have struts. Must mean shocks...