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  1. Trying to figure out what this is?

    If the dealer installed it, it has to be listed in the "additional accessories / dealer options" line items and list out what it is and how much it costs.
  2. Dealer Cussed me out over Survey!

    I'm going to go with Larry and agree here. I live in the middle of Kansas and so finding a Jeep dealership is hard enough, but the ones around know they have you by the nuts and continuously treat people like crap. I live in a town of about 50k and went to a town that is about 15k to purchase...
  3. Trying to figure out what this is?

    I would think it is a brake flasher for the third brake light as pointed out. If you look at this one: It's very close, just a few more wires due to it's a all in one kind of device.
  4. Jeep Wave (not from FCA)

    You may get both from the same jeep, depending on the circumstances. :)
  5. FCA Merger effect on Jeep?

    I will have to defer to our RHD vehicle owners, but my understanding is yes ... the lead times are horrid. They are only sent partially assembled from the Toledo factory, shipped over to where they are going, and then assembled by a third party, then delivered to the dealer, and subsequently to...
  6. FCA Merger effect on Jeep?

    If Stellantis is beaming with quality, especially in the build process, wouldn't you think that those quality requirements would be shared in India? I think one of the biggest complaints is the time to delivery for right hand vehicles, so this might expand the market if you can go from 4-6...
  7. Dealer wants me to sign a new lease contract

    Only 4 square I know involves a large inflated ball and the probability of someone getting hurt.
  8. Dealer wants me to sign a new lease contract

    This guy right here! Last time I walked into a dealership it smelled like hair gel and they appeared to have been forced to have slacks, dress shirts, and ties on. Worst dealership experience in my life .... ever. The other one I went to, jeans, polo shirts, hoodies if they were cold, ball caps...
  9. FCA Merger effect on Jeep?

    That is no lie. Listen to your customers and things go better. :)
  10. FCA Merger effect on Jeep?

    Just what we need. Another turbo motor. :(
  11. Anyone in Lawrence, Kansas Area?

    I'm a little further down in Reno County/Sedgwick county, but always looking for meet ups
  12. FCA Merger effect on Jeep?

    Isn't citroen also owned by PSA? Better than FCA above BMW but still up there.
  13. FCA Merger effect on Jeep?

    I guess the question really is now ... does Peugeot have better build quality or at least a good QC to help the rollout of Jeeps? What is Peugeot like with their current vehicles?
  14. FCA Merger effect on Jeep?

    Thanks. I saw it but was last updated in 2019 and nothing new really except a few posts in the forums about the merger. Dan, Maybe thats the problem. I know Chrysler and every brand it has been merged, sold, transferred, and required over many years. Jeep sells because its a Jeep. It took how...
  15. FCA Merger effect on Jeep?

    So I've looked around in the forums but haven't seen much talk about it. It looks like the PS and FCA merger was approved by shareholders and supposed to be finalized by the 16th. Any thoughts or projections on how Stellantis is going to go, especially for the Jeep side of operations?
  16. Can i splice here for dashcam?

    Just came here to say that with the aux bundle right there and this post i successfully installed my wife's new garmin dashcam today. Thank you and the other 10 posts I read to make it happen flawlessly.
  17. quadratech discount

    I've put orders through on Quadratec's website and have had a few PM exchanges on the forum and even one email and no issue. Everything of mine has shipped and be here when it said it was going to be or a day early. I don't want to start anything and I'm trying not to, but for people that are...
  18. Kansas WTB JLUR Steel bumbers and spring/shocks

    Hi all, Looking for some rubi takeoffs. Looking for st least yhe front steel bumper but both would be great and the springs/shocks. Willing to travel surrounding areas or pay for shipping on good priced items. Thanks!
  19. How bad is registration in your area?

    New Reg in Kansas this year for a 2021 JLU Sport Altitude was $840. Next year estimate is $800 ... Not as bad as CO ... but it's pricey. My wife's 2012 Dodge Journey is still $300 a year ...
  20. My Wife's Sunshine

    My Wife's Sunshine