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  1. ‘19 Mojito!

    Custom Seats? Nice!! Congratz and welcome back to the Jeep family.
  2. Windshield protection 3 layer tear away.

    That Is all kinds of crazy!!!! A pellet? WTF!
  3. Windshield protection 3 layer tear away.

    Mike I just got it today..I'll be installing it this weekend. I'll be sure and post . I'm pretty certain it will be a breeze! I used to install the 3m clear mask on the front hoods and fenders of all my cars and there were a few that were tricky. This is a flat surface corner to corner....cakewalk!
  4. Will Jeep warranty soft top parts?

    absolutely if you purchased it with the soft top!!!!
  5. What windshield are you happy with?

    Good read through
  6. What windshield are you happy with?

    I will def post to the forum after receiving my tear away laminate ...still waiting on mine to install! but this is the web I was referring to...looks pretty good and there were a lot of testimonials posted on this forum about it.
  7. Gorilla Glass as good as we hope?

    I'm on my 3rd ...30,000 on the odometer! second one was same as rock, no chip. Got in to go to work and as I was pulling out... saw a small crack under the wiper blade that started at the cowl. Proceeded to get worse as the week went by. I read that someone here posted the tear...
  8. New battery, now it won’t start or turn off

    Aux battery under your main battery! when one goes they usually both have to be replaced.
  9. Soft Top Purchase

    I purchased mine from Bamwholesale and it was 600 cheaper than anyone else! It is the Mopar premium top (twill) with tinted windows..I thought it was too good to be true. It wasn't! It was Just a good price, brand new in a giant box with all hardware delivered by a transport company.
  10. Texas SOLD! JL Rubicon Unlimited

    Congratz!! beautiful Rig and nicely done mods!!
  11. How Can We Help?

    Hi Benny, I sent you a PM on a part#, let me know what you find. Thanks much!
  12. Windshield protection 3 layer tear away.

    The Code FORUM got my price to $179.10
  13. water coming in when doors are open when it rains.

    So apparently the re-design Didn’t accomplish anything. That’s a surprise!🤔
  14. Windshield protection 3 layer tear away.

    After reading these posts I decided to order and used the code forum at checkout and they honored it. I’m On my 3rd windshield so figured its worth the try! Thanks to the original poster and all the replies👍
  15. Bestop Sunrider water problem

    Here are the pics of the new muckets! drain rail..
  16. Bestop Sunrider water problem

    Take a read... Jeepaddict76 wrote.. I traded my 2018 JLUR for 21 JLUR a couple weeks ago and just noticed the 21’s have an extra drip channel to help divert water outside of vehicle. pics
  17. Bestop Sunrider water problem

    I would venture to say that issue is not exclusively related to the Bestop! The freedom panels and the Oem soft top also do this. There have been posts that the 21 has new A pillar muckets that divert the water down a channel at the A pillar now .
  18. Rear Bumper Integrated LED Reverse Lights

    I purchased their harness and for me it did not work! 1st I received the wrong one which they rectified quickly by sending me the appropriate one. The issue I was experiencing was when I tried to plug their male harness into my female led light harness it would not seat and click into it. I...