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  1. SEMA starts tommorow, anyone looking for any interesting releases?

    I'm still waiting for AEV to release the rear bumpers they showed last year. An official release date announcement would be great.
  2. Best place to install lift and 35s in San Diego

    I had my Metal Cloak lift installed by San Diego Off Road and Customs in Lakeside. Mike did an excellent job and I would return for any future work needed.
  3. Seat covers

    I went with some low cost Rough Country neoprene style covers. They provide complete coverage, look good, and have a snug fit, all without breaking the bank. How long will they last in the SoCal sun... only time will tell.
  4. What's Next.... Let go somewhere

    Nice Mojito JLUR! I can't speak for the current conditions in the Sierras but I do have my eye on a trip into Monache Meadows sometime late spring early summer. Looks like a great place to camp for a couple nights, fish, hike, etc.
  5. Return from Death Valley Trip

    Looks like it was a fun and successful trip!
  6. Metalcloak 2.5" Kit NOW LIVE

    I used a local offroad shop for the lift install. I'm sure with enough time I could do it myself but since this is my daily I opted for pro install.
  7. BILLET SILVER Wrangler JL Club

    I've finally got some good pictures of my 2019 JLUR to share. I ordered right when the 2019 became available and took delivery sometime in mid-December. I've slowly been installing upgrades, probably about time to start a build thread.
  8. Metalcloak 2.5" Kit NOW LIVE

    Had my Metalcloak 2.5in lift with Rocksport shocks installed recently. I'm running 315/75R17 tires and think the pairing is just right. So far the suspension has performed well on some mild trails. The shocks do seem a little stiff to me but we'll see how everything settles in. Handling...
  9. JLUR Rear Headrest Stuck?!?!

    Ok so I was doing some gear storage planning for an upcoming trip and managed to get the rear headrest stuck. I have both rear seats folded down in my JLUR and that naturally means the headrests fold/flop forward and tuck into the foot wells. While looking for storage space I pushed one of the...
  10. Looking for input on seat covers

    I also got the Rough Country seat covers for my JLUR. They fit the seats pretty well, look good, and provide the needed protection. Time will tell how they wear. From a cost perspective I was willing to gamble with their lifespan...
  11. Death Valley Trip March 21-24

    Looks like some positive updates to road conditions today!
  12. Death Valley Trip March 21-24

    I also plan to enter through Goler Wash so hopefully that route stays open. Our trip through Titus Canyon is in question though.
  13. Death Valley Trip March 21-24

    I have a Death Valley trip planned for 1 week earlier and i'm now starting to get concerned about trail conditions. The nps is showing many roads/trails as currently closed: Anyone else have reliable sources for Death Valley trail closures???
  14. MetalCloak M220 Rear Differential Skid Plate (DSP)

    I installed the rear diff skid recently. Top quality and it protects the diff drain plug. Super easy install!
  15. Rotopax Mounting Ideas

    I need to mount a rotopax or jerry can for an upcoming trip through Death Valley. Since there are not a lot of options at this time for the JL that don't require a new bumper or tire carrier I started thinking about temporary solutions. I'm considering purchasing a Trash-a-roo to hang off the...
  16. 5X 285/70R17 BFG KO2s [San Diego]

    $800 for 5X BFG KO2 in 285/70R17. They have <1100 miles on them. No shipping, pick-up only in the San Diego area.
  17. AccuTune Off-road 2.5" Stage 4 review

    Looks great! Any measurements to front/rear fenders?
  18. JLUR + Lift + 37 and parking garage

    Do you have outdoor parking options? Just build it how you want and then see if it fits. If not you still have an awesome Jeep.
  19. Expedition One 2018 JL Wrangler Product Lineup

    I really like this rear bumper and tire carrier option. Simple and clean design. Will there be a version without holes for rear back up sensors?
  20. Looking at JLU considering 4runner

    I test drove a 4Runner about 2-3 times before we decided on a Grand Cherokee a few years back. The ride felt a little too soft and there is some serious nose dive when braking that I could not get past. The JLU is a bit more modern in terms of features.