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  1. Georgia Gobi Stealth Rack

    Yes. There have been a number of them in the Atlanta area. Perhaps there are more. Good luck with the hunt!
  2. North Carolina WTB New / Lightly Used Gobi Rack for 4DR JLUR 2020

    Not to steal his thunder but I have one available in Atlanta. It’s posted in the External section. Good luck either way!!! Chip
  3. Georgia Gobi Stealth Rack

    Bump, bump!
  4. Georgia Gobi Stealth Rack

    Sweet! My Jeep lives in the driveway so you can’t miss it. If I’m outside stop by and say hi. Chio
  5. Georgia Gobi Stealth Rack

    Hi! LOD Destroyer side steps. I love them! I dare people to try and door ding me! thanks for the bump!
  6. Georgia Gobi Stealth Rack

    Bumpity, bumpity, bump...
  7. Georgia Gobi Stealth Rack

    Hi! After enjoying my Gobi Rack for several months, I have realized that I don't use it enough to justify swapping it back and forth every time I switch tops on my JLUR. With this in mind I have decided to sell it to someone who will use it more. This rack has the wind deflector and a...
  8. North Carolina WTB New / Lightly Used Gobi Rack for 4DR JLUR 2020

    Hi! I have one as well that I am in the fence about keeping. I’m in Atlanta.
  9. CavFab Crawler Series Full Width Rear Bumper

    Sorry for just now seeing this. I had the factory plastic bumper and ordered the Mopar pieces and installed the backup sensors in the Cavfab. I made sure I knew the indexing before I took everything apart and I mimicked it on the Cavfab. They worked first shot. Hope this helps!
  10. Inner Fender Noise?

    Sweet! I had my eye on those!
  11. Inner Fender Noise?

    Hi! I’ve been searching but can’t find a thread for this topic... How much louder are after market inner fender liners? I got a MC 2.5 GC lift and am on my 33” original tires they are still catching the liners (Teraflex wheels no spacers) at full flex. I’m thinking I need aftermarket inner...
  12. 2021 2.0 Engine Whine

    Yup, my 2019 sounds pretty much just like that.
  13. Uconnect® abolute POS!! Stay away from it...

    I was going to write the same thing. My system is rock solid unless I have my Tazer installed. When the Tazer is installed things aren’t as stable, with reboots etc occurring. If you have a Tazer try unmarrying and run for a few days. Good luck!!
  14. JLs in the Acworth/Kennesaw area?

    Awesome, and welcome to the club! I try to make the less muddy trail rides. We went to Morris Mountain in Alabama last weekend. It was pretty great! Since I live down near Roswell Rd and I-285 I don't make as many of the social events, and with a new baby due in about 10 days I am being...
  15. JLs in the Acworth/Kennesaw area?

    Hi David! I'm trading messages with the admin. It looks like the system auto-declined you. Please resubmit and make sure to answer the questions etc. Thanks! Chip
  16. JLs in the Acworth/Kennesaw area?

    I can follow-up. I live in Fulton so it shouldn't be an issue. I'll get back to you!
  17. Pelican Cargo Storage - Anyone using these?

    Curious about these as well. I just got my Gobi Stealth Rack installed and thinking about adding some Pelican Cargo Cases for stuff I need on most trails.
  18. JLs in the Acworth/Kennesaw area?

    Hi! There are a few JL/JTs around. Myself and at least two others in the Cherokee County Jeepers group (Facebook) run JLs. We also have a very nice JT that has just started coming to events. Check out the Facebook group. Candie runs the group and wheels a blue JK called Molly. I run the...
  19. Current SS2 Lead Times?

    Ok, thanks for the update. I may be able to wait. All the best!
  20. Current SS2 Lead Times?

    Hi @Diode Dynamics ! I'm considering buying some SS2 Sport Pods in the Amber/Flood configuration. My plan is to mount these on my roof rack as switchable reverse lights or for use in setting up camp. Your website is saying 8-12 week lead time. Is that accurate? Thanks! Chip