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  1. Manual MPG

    I'm running 37s on my 2018 JLR (2DR) and have 22k miles. Live at 6,000+ feet altitude. Mileage around town is 17ish, have seen 19, but that's about normal. On the freeway it can go as high as 22MPG but if you’re driving over 70MPH the aerodynamics prevents it from getting much better. I also...
  2. (unseated) fuses?

    Not just Jeep. I posted a PSA on the Ram TRX forum after I found that every fuse and relay on my just built 2021 TRX was loose. Multiple members checked and have the same situation.
  3. Is this site Legit???

    Recent experience group buy with RealTruck for a tonneau cover on the Gladiator forum. I just purchased a TRX and asked if I could get the same group buy price and they honored it no problem. Arrived before my TRX did. Saved $$$ and fast shipping.
  4. Rotors- Why do they look like this?

    The factory warranty is 12k miles for wear items. Your brakes, if installed and working correctly, should last many thousands of miles. If you have the heavy duty brake package you can get over 90k out of them. Since your rotor is already screwed, obviously that’s not gonna happen for at least...
  5. Rotors- Why do they look like this?

    Brakes are only warrantied for 12k miles. That said, it looks like your pad is not seated correctly or your brake caliper is bent/scewed. Take the wheel off and look at the orientation of your caliper to the rotor.
  6. Are Sway Bar Disconnects a waste of time on a Stock Sport S suspension

    Disconnecting on rippled and washed out roads is well worth disconnecting it. Much smoother driving experience and having better articulation in the rocks is just another added bonus.
  7. Trail Around Denver - Mid May

    Good review of the trail here
  8. Tazer JL - more than just a tire size programmer!

    @[email protected] and @DanW Here’s the instructions
  9. Tazer JL - more than just a tire size programmer!

    I did the relearn for 6th the other day. Fixes the Stop/Start and backup sensors like a champ.
  10. Will this help install a front camera?

    It’s the head unit. Only has one HD connection. I have a Gladiator with HD front facing camera and also have a Tazer camera on my JLR. It’s not that different. Remember, it is a small screen, far away from your driving position. The only real difference is the Tazer camera doesn’t have wheel...
  11. Will this help install a front camera?
  12. Will this help install a front camera?

    The available resolution in the infotainment used for the aux camera is 480i and is the issue, not the Tazer.
  13. Bizarre response from dealership for steering wobble and transmission issue

    This reads like two attorneys looking for clients to file a class action. So lame.
  14. Delayed

    Do you have a VON and VIN? If you don’t get your deposit back. Also, check for the preferred dealers here on the forum. You might save $$$ and have a better experience.
  15. I know...I was stupid to think otherwise...

    Nope…just the opposite. BTW, where are you seeing TRX’s as common?
  16. I know...I was stupid to think otherwise...

    I waited for the TRX silliness to calm down and now there are multiple dealers willing to sell at MSRP. I'm now waiting for my build to happen and my dealer to call and tell me to come pick it up. They are out there, you just need to stick to the forum for a thread to open up identifying who...
  17. You might have a "mall crawler" if.....

    You might be a mall crawler don’t understand the question.
  18. Washed my Keyfob

    Hit and miss here. I’ve washed two and have 50% success rate.
  19. Your next Jeep.

    Just waiting for the dealer to call and tell me to come pick it up