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  1. Does auto stop use more gas?

    My 2015 V6 Cherokee Trailhawk ESS stopped working over a year ago just after warranty ended never fixed it. I am getting almost 2 mpg more since it stopped, don't miss it! Go Jeep!!!
  2. How much lower after airdown?

    I run 15 lbs of air Sahara 18" tires, when towing my boat on a very sandy beach and by sight it's not noticeable, never measured? Go Jeep!!!
  3. JL Leather trimmed seat option - what exactly are you buying?

    My 2018 Sahara leather option mostly vinyl, my 2015 Cherokee Trailhawk leather option mostly leather (perforated)? Go figure, must be a "Jeep Thing"!!! ;) Go Jeep!!!
  4. Is the Bestop Sunrider being slightly lop sided an issue?

    Send Bestop your pics I think they'll b honest with you? Great company and you'll love the Sunrider it's just great. So much better thn dealing with panels and worring about to drag th3m along or leave "em home in case of rain! Live in N.E. left it on all winter this year, no complaints! Go...
  5. Clickbait Title: DOES ESS WORK?! You won't BELIEVE what happened on tank 105! (Fuel Consumption Analysis: 2 years, 122 tanks, 30k miles)

    The ESS on my 2015 Cherokee Trailhawk stopped working over a year ago mileage up since then about 2 MPG, go figure? ;)
  6. Should we buy another Wrangler? Wife wants a 4xe Rubicon

    I think two Jeeps would be great, long as not the same color!! Are there other vehicles other than Jeeps? What's a Tesla??? ;) Go Jeep!!!
  7. Whenever someone calls a new or newer Wrangler "soft" or "not a real Jeep," show them the CJ5 Tuxedo Park

    My side bar is a real Jeep, my first! It is a 1965 Tuxedo Park CJ 5! My last 26 Jeeps no matter the models have also been real Jeeps! Don't let anyone kid you either!!! LOL Probably none have ever been more fun thanthe first CJ though! Go Jeep!!!
  8. Trying my best not to..

    You're just being smart!!! Go Jeep!!!
  9. Purchasing used soft top tips/advice?

    Forget a used soft top, buy a new Bestop "Sunrider" leave the panels at home! Actually left the panels hanging in their bag all winter even got some days with Sunrider open, great! Geatest option ever for both my JK's and the JL!!! Half hour install, hours and hours of use, perfect $700 bucks...
  10. Bestop Sunrider Review

    "Best" investment ever for both of my JK's and now my JL! Even left it on all winter this year, panels hanging in bag on garage wall!!! Even got to throw it back a few times this winter, easy, peasy! AAAAA++++++ No complaints at all even noise not that different. Cold in NE this winter not...
  11. Another benefit of a white Wrangler. (Trigger warning?)

    As said above somewhere, buy a Bestop "Sunrider" and leave your panels off and at home! Never worry again, left my Sunrider on all winter this year, panels hanging in their bag in the garage! Even had the chance to fold the Sunrider back for a few rides! Best thing I ever bought for my Jk's...
  12. Stock Jeep Support Group

    Have had many many Jeeps of all models and them except for a couple of modded jeeps, all basically stock! All have done what I've wanted to do, as getting older, mods not as important and figured stock Jeeps will do all but extensive rock crawling and mudding! My off roading is, especially...
  13. Willy's package with rock rails on order... looking for advise on mud guards. Do or Don't and which ones if yes.

    Mud flaps tend to break off while doing serious off roading? :( Go Jeep!!!
  14. Rear End Damage - repairable or total?

    I'd work hard to get it totaled, looks tough and frame damaged! Be tough and stay strong against a repair! Go Jeep!!!
  15. Anyone’s Sahara Altitude have a Sahara logo stitched into the seats?

    Are we talking a "Logo" or just the embroidered word "Sahara"?? The "word" has always been on factory leather Sahara's seats! Go Jeep!!!
  16. Rear Windshield drip marks from factory

    Have suction cup marks on windshield from factory install, shows up in certain weather conditions! Cannot get rid of no matter what, as said only in certain weather so I live with it! I'd like to think it's a "Jeep Thing" but after 27 Jeeps suction cup marks are not "a Jeep Thing"!!! Go Jeep!!!
  17. Why did my battery die?

    Warranty, warranty, warranty and dealer, dealer, dealer!!! Let them figure what's wrong! Seems like all you added that would cause battery drain is the Tazer, but I know little about those?? Go Jeep!!!
  18. Driving on beach sand.

    Jack Board, Tow rope/strap( not a chain) and "air down" to at least to 18lbs! Don't forget to "air up" before highway speeds. Have fun!:) Go Jeep!!!
  19. Help, I'm not allowed to buy anything else...

    I feel your pain, two months after full knee replacement!! Not recouping too great PT person says I'm doing great, not her knee!!! LOL Good luck, looks as if someone above offering help? Go Jeep!!!
  20. Forty Years Ago Next Week

    My side bar pic is my first, new in '65 CJ5 "Tuxedo Park"!! 27 Jeeps since then! Boy am I feelin' old and broke!!!! LOL Go Jeep!!!