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  1. Weak Throttle Response on Manual Transmission Models?

    Holy cripes, you folks use all the gears? I find it more than adequate as a 3-speed, 1-3-5. My vehicle is a JK 2-door and will use 6th gear on the freeway which is not very often. 4.10 axle gears and 35s. Ya know Chevy had 2-speed autos and their Turbo 450 is a 3-speed auto, 2.48-1.48-1:1. When...
  2. JL Wrangler vs New Ford Bronco

    Very good video by the LitBrite crew! Was thinking today about these two good reasons for leaning toward the Bronco; 2.7 ecoboost and Sync3. The navigation on he F150 I had was so cool on the freeway with an image of your interchange, extremely accurate including lanes and signage.
  3. Order 4xe now or get one from Dealer?

    Not exactly a fools game. See this thread, page 12 starting with post #171. You will see folks getting 7% under plus a $500 dollar dealer fee. And back to a side note: Ended up selling the truck to Carmax for...
  4. Will the 4xe be unusable in hot weather?!

    I have this concern also but for cold climates and started a thread. Although there were some good posts in that thread, answers may only be available after some real world use by the end users. A little side note...
  5. Order 4xe now or get one from Dealer?

    Sliding a bit sideways on the topic, but it is relevant to someone trading in. Carvana offered a few dollars more than KBB high trade-in value on my Ford truck. An appointment scheduled for Tuesday morning will tell if they are true to their word. Back on topic now. We are considering our...
  6. ?4 Cold Climate Diesel Owners

    This sounds like very good idea that I wasn't aware, thanks for sharing. Another very good idea, thanks for sharing. And a third very good idea, thanks for sharing. Thinking to piggyback all three suggestions for the win. On my diesel trucks the outdoor receptacle was right there by the driver...
  7. Cold Climate 4xe Ownership

    Very interesting about your experience with starting the motorcycle. There is quite a variety of electric motorcycles now, have ya seen the Brutus V9? Not yet available but looks pretty cool.
  8. Cold Climate 4xe Ownership

    Thank you all for your response so far. Yeah I get the performance end of it and expect some reduction in efficiency at extreme temps. What I would be concerned with is having it plugged in 24/7 while parked and not knowing how much draw will occur. As in 3 days of single or below zero F temps...
  9. ?4 Cold Climate Diesel Owners

    Had one truck that required an overnight block heater at negative F temps. Another one only needed a few hours. When using the block heater do you plug it in while the engine is hot from use or a cold block?
  10. ?4 Cold Climate Diesel Owners

    Holy mackerel! Yeah -40 is -40 no matter F or C. It did sound a bit rough but no doubt about it, it did take. Thanks for sharing the video.
  11. ?4 Cold Climate Diesel Owners

    Has anyone needed to plug in their Wrangler during a cold snap. Am experienced with powerstroke vehicles over the years and found them to be mostly agreeable without using the block heater. Below zero F was a definite block heater time. Anyway, I am contemplating a 4xe or eco-diesel purchase...
  12. Cold Climate 4xe Ownership

    Getting close to the decision on a new Wrangler and wondering about keeping the 4xe vehicles tethered to an outlet in unheated parking. In the case here, vehicle use is no more than several time per week on errands and such. We experience, during a rough winter, some consecutive days below zero...
  13. Conflicting axle info...someone please clarify if possible...

    Have you seen this article linked below? Maybe after viewing the article you can determine what is under your rig.
  14. 4xE Order Status??

    Hey folks, no worries. Sounds about identical to the diesel rollout. The thread in the 3.0 section went on relentless for weeks on end until deliveries began trickling out. Might have been the hottest thread on the internet at the time. In the end there were nearly 400,000 views and over 5,200...
  15. Installed Coverking Topliner with sound deadening mat

    Great info Jason, thanks for sharing. Sounds like ordering now for a spring install would work quite well.
  16. I used to love winter....

    You got that right. Spent most of a career working construction in Michigan, mostly outdoors. I truly enjoy the winters here after retiring to the northern lower. Snow wheeling is a blast and no worries about washing the under carriage like ya would after a mud run. The deeper the better. One...
  17. Looks Like Ford Bronco is Serious About Taking on the Wrangler

    2020 Wrangler JPP.................... Is the JPP or Mojave more to your liking? Or both.
  18. Start of 3.0 Production

    Well I have put purchasing a Wrangler diesel on hold until I see a Bronco for comparison. I thought it but won't say it, someone else might though.
  19. Start of 3.0 Production

    Hey @Kornpop that will be a good looking rig right off the line. Big fan here of the low key look of the Altitude model and have had more red vehicles in life over all other colors. Congrats on your order and wishing you the best as a Jeep owner.
  20. Looks Like Ford Bronco is Serious About Taking on the Wrangler

    Yeah, there is a lot of that going on. Don't know what anyone else will do in their decision process but I put the purchase of a new ecodiesel model on hold until seeing what the Bronco will be. Having one Wrangler here already, and like it just fine, there is no hurry. It is good to have choices.