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  1. 37's On My Wrangler 392 *No Lift/Stock Wheels

    I agree. These are E rated too so they def drag a bit being heavier and aired down to something suitable. The dealer had the 33s so full of air that it felt like it was riding on casters at highway speeds. If I aired these up to 80 they’d feel faster lol.
  2. 37's On My Wrangler 392 *No Lift/Stock Wheels

    "Different parts that make it sit higher". Yep. Definitely not a lift. It doesn't matter, really. Interested in what's next. I am running 35 KM3s and mine is definitely a step slower.
  3. New “Specialty” Jeeps

    Didn’t read thread. Don’t buy one of either and you should be fine.
  4. Question about the 392's full time 4x4

    It just goes. The fronts are definitely pulling. In the wet, you can still get it very out of shape and it’s hilarious.
  5. Got a 392, ask away.

    Blocks all the cameras and sensors between the windshield and the rear view camera when the windshield is down.
  6. Who's faster? 4XE or 392?

    They’re both a dead match at how fast people who don’t have one will complain about them.
  7. White 392 build. Let’s see where this goes...

    Thanks. I have done a couple more things, but work and the kids are not leaving much jeep time. I will post more substantial updates soon. I toy with the idea of selling the wheels but I don't think anyone would like the price...
  8. New wheels are making the back up sensors go wild.

    I installed wheels with a -12 offset. I can see the hub of the wheel in the camera and the beeping is nonstop. Is there any way to calibrate it or any known fix?
  9. 392 real world MPG

    Ended up at 16.1 for the tank. Had the doors and top off all weekend and made loud noises for the kids. Can’t help it.
  10. 392 real world MPG

    I actually tried today and was able to get 17 over about 80 miles of mixed driving. I’ll continue through this rank and see.
  11. 392 real world MPG

    14.4 with 1800 miles. Lots of highway miles unfortunately. The rig doesn’t like wind and it’s hard not to make the loud noises at stoplights. Sitting on 35x12.50 and speedo calibrated. The tires seemed to have hurt it some. I may baby this tank of fuel and see how well I can do.
  12. Got a 392, ask away.

    I would say your expectations may be off comparing to those Germans. My M5 shifts super fast and it’s the same (kinda) trans, ZF 8, with different programming. To be clear, the shifts lag behind the command a tad, similar to the 8spd Z06, but tapping the up paddle in auto mode definitely...
  13. Got a 392, ask away.

    That has not been my experience. Mine shifts on command.
  14. White 392 build. Let’s see where this goes...

    These showed up Friday. Went with 35x12.50 KM3s. They should be plenty capable of handling all my needs from the beach sand to the mountain logging roads. And daily NC pavement. I sent them to my dad’s place just to limit the amount of transport between the drop and the shop. UPS dropped...
  15. White 392 build. Let’s see where this goes...

    I added a few more items over the weekend through yesterday. Black spiderweb shade. Not the simple install that the JK version afforded but it’s definitely sharper when it’s fully attached with the new Jeep mounted fastening points And a cheap 15” antenna from RR. I think Jeep used red...
  16. White 392 build. Let’s see where this goes...

    First things first...had to ditch the lower body graphics. Pulled off easy enough. I still have yet to find a moment to wash the Jeep and remove the last of the adhesive that stuck around. It looks so much better. Also, I installed the tan premium soft top. It is no longer tan, it is now gold...
  17. White 392 build. Let’s see where this goes...

    The plan is to make it awesome but not a one trick pony. I need to daily, I need to kill deer, I need to go to my favorite spots in the mountains, and I need to make my sweet little boys happy. And also maybe entertain the idea of not ruining it for my wife. Here it is when I picked it up.Lower...
  18. What modifications are you planning for your 392?

    Put on 35/12.5 KM3 today. At 36 psi cold they ride phenomenally but the jeep is a bit slower. Might air them up to 45 and see how she feels. I’d rather have a smooth ride than a fast Jeep on what feels like casters. I need a Speedo correction too. I guess Tazer is the way to go?