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  1. Recommended Dealers List

    Good Luck. Take the win from your position as that...a win. Enjoy your Jeep and the deal that got you there.
  2. My Red 2021 JLURD and it's Build

    I'm back in Alaska. Jeep is built and all done. I've edited the original post so it's the most up to date. What a beast!!!
  3. Recommended Dealers List

    Let me say that I totally understand (probably more than I can write) how an experience with a dealership can go south. Big differences are the why's. If, like in my case, bad ethical behavior, then I'm all for writing up and saying what the experience was. But if an outcome wasn't to one's...
  4. DEF Usage

    I've had my Jeep for almost 2 months. I've put over 7100 miles on it and have put in 7 gallons of DEF. I've towed for most of that so I kind of expected it. Bought the vehicle and drove it to Vegas. 27 mpg Towed about 2000 lbs from Vegas to Denver. 19 mpg Built up the Jeep did some...
  5. Cautionary tale regarding axle shafts...

    Holy cow. That concerns me a tad as I know I’m heavy!!!!
  6. Oil Cooler Failure JLU Ecodiesel

    While it’s a shock to see the Jeep that way, worry not. That’s how’s it’s done at the factory. I’ve done 9 hemi conversions in Wranglers. I can have a body off in less than two hours. It’s easy to do and it makes doing any engine swap a heck of a lot easier to do, and to do it right.
  7. Lots of Good Reviews, those Bad Ones though....

    Forgive me :) Here's my own thread on my build. It's almost done and it's a month old tomorrow.
  8. My Red 2021 JLURD and it's Build

    I don’t plan to need the extra skid plate plus I don’t want the weight. This thing is HEAVY!! I’ve done 9 hemi conversions with removing the body from the frame. I never had a problem or a broken bolt. I couldn’t imagine the difficulty of removing a busted body mount bolt. The RSE install...
  9. My Red 2021 JLURD and it's Build

    I’m installing them now. They are very well built. My only concern is winters in Alaska.
  10. Lots of Good Reviews, those Bad Ones though....

    Problems are always more vocal than not. Just look at the news....all you see is bad stuff. The few that post up issues, while may be rare in reality, leave the biggest impressions. What you don't see are all the people with no issues. How many owners are not part of the digital world? How...
  11. AEV Fuel Caddy for the Diesel

    I decided green because I don’t carry or have yellow cans and the pumps and gas cap are green. Keeping it consistent for me. I’m sure she could quickly snd easily make yours yellow. I’ve had a few interested so what the maker asked is that you contact her through her web page and tell her what...
  12. My Red 2021 JLURD and it's Build

    I edited the first post. She’s all put together. Added the rims/tires, the tent, and the awning today.
  13. Great Lakes Winters and the 3.0

    I live in Anchorage and don’t expect any issues. The rule of thumb up there is plug in at 20° or colder. I rarely park outside very long so I’m not concerned even though I too got the block heater. On that note, block heaters are now standard. What you’re paying for is the cord :)
  14. Mopar lights mounted on steel bumper pics?

    I was going to mount them to the bumper because I didn't want to use the bar. They seriously block the trail cam. So...I found the brackets Jeep came out with that mounts them to the frame. I know you didn't ask for that but it's a seriously good alternative.
  15. AEV Fuel Caddy for the Diesel

    I don't want to post this up in the general thread because it only applies to us. I was lucky enough to be the 1st on the list of chosen via lottery to get a rear AEV Bumper and Tire Carrier for the JL. I've had their stuff in the past and I honestly won't go anywhere else unless I have to...
  16. My Red 2021 JLURD and it's Build

    Oh yeah, I've decided on one more addition to the rig. With just the lift installed, and even before the tires, I find myself sliding out of the Jeep (I'm 6'2"). My wife will hate this and so will my seats so.....I've ordered a set of Rock Slide Engineering Slider Steps. Give me a week from...
  17. My Red 2021 JLURD and it's Build

    Original post edited. Got the lift installed. 37's (yes....I decided on 37's) go on shortly with the Borah wheels.
  18. My Red 2021 JLURD and it's Build

    Thanks. Lift snd tires this week.
  19. My Red 2021 JLURD and it's Build

    Editted the original post. Added the GMRS radio.
  20. My Red 2021 JLURD and it's Build

    Had to do a very little trimming. pics below of what I trimmed. Easy and doesn't affect a thing. I was a little concerned about all this until I talked to Goosegear (before I had it in hand). There's enough room without trimming for either the air lines or the electrical stuff but not...