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  1. California For sale TrekTop for JL (last years model) San Diego

    Hi I'm interested. You mentioned zipper lubricant though. I thought bestop went zipperless with the JL.
  2. Rubicon Trail Run 1-2 August

    Currently I have one other jeep coming but that's it. Sorry for the delayed response I was out of service.
  3. Rubicon Trail Run 1-2 August

    I am trying to run the Rubicon Trail on August 1st and 2nd as part of a lengthy road trip if anyone wants to join me. I have not done this trail before but it is on my bucket list and any advice is always welcome. I have done some decent trails (Hell's Revenge and Fins and Things, among a few...
  4. Visiting Moab in early August

    That trip sounds amazing! We are getting into the KOA campground tomorrow afternoon and if I get the chance I will let you know how it is. From the research I did prior to this trip though I think most of the campgrounds in and around Moab are pretty good.
  5. California 2018 JLUR Take Off Suspension & Stock 33 BFG KO2s

    Full Rubicon Take off suspension asking $350 OBO local San Diego area only please. All 4 Springs, Front Lower Control Arms Rear Uppers. All 4 Shocks as well as whatever else got swapped when we lifted it. Also selling the 33/12.5R17 BFG KO2s $500 OBO that came on the Rubi. All of it has about...
  6. Big Bear next week?

    San Diego Jeep Club will be up there this weekend. I have family in town otherwise I would definitely be up for it
  7. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Got her lifted up 3 in the back and 3.5 in the front with some 35 KO2s and Falcon 3.3s.
  8. Protecting doors from idiots door dinging you?

    Go with the Rubicon, I absolutely LOVE my JLUR and the lockers/axel upgrades are definitely worth the money. Any of the creature comforts of a Sahara can be optioned anyways.
  9. Emmet


  10. Visiting Moab in early August

    Thank you everyone for the responses! We will are getting the August 4 and then Heading onto Bryce/Zion on August 8th. I second @baggio16 I wheel a bit around here in SD, there are plenty of relatively easy fire/CBP roads, but unfortunately its usually impromptu day trips so I am mostly by...
  11. Visiting Moab in early August

    Absolutely will do thank you! I'm super stoked to get out there and explore. Still working on getting the Jeep ready for the trip.
  12. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Hello all. New to the forum but I used it last year while waiting for my JLUR to come in. Finally ready to start the mod process and am super excited. Thank you to everyone here with all the amazing info it has really helped me so far.
  13. Visiting Moab in early August

    Hi all! I am doing a road trip at the beginning august and was hoping for some advice or a guide for a day or two in Moab. I really want to take my family up to the Top of the World. Right now my '18 JLUR is stock but I'm hoping to have it 2 inches higher on 35s by the time we do the trip.