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  1. Indiana F/S Premium Soft Top with Tinted Windows for 2018-2020 JL 2 Door

    I am selling my soft top. I purchased it new last year and ran it 4 months. It was garaged every night and driven about 3 days per week. The top is in great shape! $1000 This is the Mopar OEM Premium Twill with the dark tinted windows for a 2 door JL. It includes all of the parts including...
  2. Uconnect bluetooth

    I've seen this particular issue with my iPhone following an iOS update. The fix for me was to start over. You might try deleting the connection from both your bluetooth device and the 8.4 and connecting again.
  3. What are these buttons?

    I have used the Assist button when I was frustrated with my uconnect app wasn't finding my Jeep any more. It gives you a text display that says it will call in 15 or 30 seconds and it counts down and then connected me to Jeep support. They talked me through resetting my head unit, which did no...
  4. Auto Start Bug When Going into Park?

    Mine rarely shuts off when pulling in the garage. I think it is the slowish stop and light braking that keeps it from stopping. It definitely turns off at stop lights.
  5. JL GPS Navigation is a total waste of money!

    Just a note about something you may already know. In the Nav settings on 8.4 there is a setting to turn on unpaved roads. Perhaps if that is turned off the trails might show up. I don't know as mine has always had that option turned off.
  6. Fuel / gas tank capacity

    Well that IS interesting. I had no idea that they changed the reported tank size on the 2019s.
  7. Floor Mats

    I made the same trips in my 2012 Sahara 2 door and 2017 JKUR Hard Rock. I find the seats more comfortable in the JL, but the JK had less wind noise.
  8. How Can We Help?

    And I'm looking for soft top, part # 82215147-FS, I think. Could you verify if this is the Premium 2 door soft top for the JL? And can I get a quote for 1. I'm at zip code 47905. Thanks.
  9. Fuel / gas tank capacity

    I believe the OP may be mistaken about 2 door capacity. I have a 2019 2 door and my owner's manual says I have 17.5 gallons instead of 18. I ran it down until I was no longer seeing miles remaining but a message to fuel it now. I was able to put in 16.7 gallons.
  10. Floor Mats

    I sometimes take long road trips and I like to move my left foot between my dead pedal and the rear left of the floor mat over time. Without lowering that raised area down it was uncomfortable to place my foot there. Just this week I drove from Indianapolis to Detroit and back.
  11. Uconnect—rename it to Unconnect

    Try holding the steering wheel microphone button for 3 seconds. A single push activates the voice command for u-connect, but holding it down a few seconds activates your phone voice commands -- at least for Apple anyway.
  12. Floor Mats

    I took a razor and cut the back side of the drain hole area down so they don't cause the top to stick up.
  13. Mopar Twill Soft Top Kit from Quadratec the same as Factory Premium?

    Excellent point. I'll be ordering a new 2 door soft top in the next couple of days.
  14. Mudflaps and Rubicon Flares?

    I failed to mention that when I performed my install I was able to install all 4 mud flaps without having to remove a tire. The instructions say you may need to remove the tires to have enough room to install.
  15. Mopar Twill Soft Top Kit from Quadratec the same as Factory Premium?

    I'd like to find one of those in that "bunch." i don't see any 2 door soft tops for sale, at all.
  16. Mudflaps and Rubicon Flares?

    I believe I did install them per the instructions and they weren't difficult to install at all (the fronts). All 3 thumb screws are visible and no threads are sticking out. Perhaps you mistook my photos for someone else's? Here is my front driver side mount.
  17. Mudflaps and Rubicon Flares?

    I didn't find a discount or ask for one.
  18. Mudflaps and Rubicon Flares?

    Here are some pictures with about 40 miles driving with mostly dry roads with some occasional big puddles.
  19. Navigation disable Motorway panel

    In the "Guidance" settings there is a selection to "Offer Highway Services." This lets you turn the panel on or off and select which service are displayed in the panel if you only want to display certain establishments, like restaurants or gas stations.