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  1. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    That kid played the hell out of that banjo
  2. Colorado Rockhard 4x4 Bumpers

    I'm astounded. I wonder how long it would take for me to drive to Colorado from CA LOL
  3. Just know that your JLU holds 21 gallons of Fuel.

    It seems the pluses and minuses of both systems make the discussion moot. I still think immigration and other factors contribute to this. The below article is interesting in that if you stay healthy Canada is better but if you're healthy you don't need Healthcare beyond prevention and if you...
  4. Just know that your JLU holds 21 gallons of Fuel.

    There are numerous factors for our Healthcare vs. Military expenses. Immigration, fraud, greed, etc. In the end the US spends more money on most everything across the globe. Ironically I hear of many people that have the money so guess where they go....the US. Which is good and bad since it...
  5. My new JLU was rear ended in a light accident

    This is pretty much why I disregard the weight and install steel front, rear, and rocker. Been hit at stop signs at no more than 15mph and each "other" vehicle sustained the bulk of damage. My new jeep has front and side so now I need rear steel. Not sure if Plastic or Aluminum are as strong...
  6. Colorado Rockhard 4x4 Bumpers

    You are going to make someone's day a whole lot better.
  7. Colorado Rockhard 4x4 Bumpers

    I am stunned no one has scooped it up. If you had to guess the bumper weighs 150lbs but what do you think the accessories weigh. Not sure if you are down with shipping it. Probably take a pallet or something. How did you receive it? Big shipment I would think.
  8. Ready for our trip out West

    Be safe out there and sounds like an awesome trip. Hopefully you don't run into any problems with people protesting aggressively. Pictures would be a wonderful vicariously taking the trip with you. Be healthy and stay happy
  9. Using local 4x4 shop. Not doing what they said. Advice

    I understand exactly what you are saying. If you give your word and do not call or text to let your customer know some problem came up or you just aren't going to finish is just normal customer service. You mentioned you had 2 days so needed it done by Saturday and that is smart because this...
  10. Finding bumpers, more difficult than I thought

    Personally I have been hit at stop signs 2 times. I was told the first time something fell and they were looking down for it not realizing the 3 stopped cars with me the last so I get hit. The 2nd was a truck and the guy was looking at the bed and hit me in the driver corner as he tried to...
  11. Colorado Rockhard 4x4 Bumpers

    Great deal but I am in SoCal so makes it tough. Good luck and someone will snatch it up quick I'm sure
  12. New hookless winch rope!? Thought?

    I get the marketing and wish him great success. Personally I don't mind taking to other people and taking the time to enjoy wherever I am taking as much time as is needed to help out or just shoot the breeze. This guy is kind of OCD and while I would take his help if there was someone else I...
  13. Tailgate weight - hinge reinforce or bumper carrier?

    Another consideration would be if you want to carry extra stuff outside the Jeep. Gas, Jack, etc. If you are then go Bumper carrier so you get the extra storage but if not Hinge reinforcement might be worth it. Styling is a personal thing. If you are looking at a new bumper as well then the...
  14. Afermarket Control Arm question

    From what I have read the only Stock Jeep would be a Rubicon and with that the common sense mod is the Mopar Lower Control Arms to add a little caster. Adjustable would be good if you are planning a lift at some point. Lets you spread out the costs
  15. Possible end of V-6 for Wranglers? [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS]

    California is on Federal welfare. High taxes and High level of corruption. We have High speed trains to nowhere but consultants thinking about it while making millions. Anyway back to the V6. And now a V8 coming along with an electric. Seems there is room for everyone. Just think of the...
  16. Possible end of V-6 for Wranglers? [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS]

    Seems all the Californians moving to Texas put you on the same Grid intelligence. LOL The wind blows and some parts of Cali go Dark. Went out 3 times on me last year with no wind or weather just a grid that isn't being maintained
  17. Possible end of V-6 for Wranglers? [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS]

    Yes, new technology takes over but greed in general is not a good student of history. Empires rise and fall. The V6 going away - I hear the niche of the TRX, Raptor, etc. are going in the opposite direction. Anyone want to venture a guess what the next Raptor will have for a motor? As for...
  18. 2021 Rubicon Longer Mopar Lower Control Arms

    appreciated and on it Thanks
  19. Refurbished Z Automotive JL Tazer Mini

    Seems like a good deal to me
  20. 2021 Rubicon Longer Mopar Lower Control Arms

    I'm thinking this is the part number then 68322798AA It states longer than OEM Seems worth it for $61 but I may have to find another site since wants $45 shipping. Anyone have a free shipping or discount code? $100 still works if I can't find local or dealer or something