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  1. Test drove Land Rover Defender

    Do you read the posts here about all of the crappy QC at FCA? People sure hate the trut, especially when it‘s obvious. That’s how trump behaves. I am not a fanboy of Land Rover. I posted my experience about a newly designed vehicle. Nobody knows it’s future.
  2. Test drove Land Rover Defender

    So you own a 2020 year model defender and have that much knowledge already. I understand the wrangler, it’s a money pit with some pretty horrible customer service and QC. If you spend 45K and then have disassemble it to make it better, that’s a serious problem. The current wranglers have an...
  3. Test drove Land Rover Defender

    The resale and maintenance I agree with, but assuming is why this country is pathetic currently. The wrangler is not a vehicle that lacks maintenance. Each factory has different views on quality too. Something made in Japan is usually far superior than something made here. But don’t forget that...
  4. Test drove Land Rover Defender

    The discovery is not a defender, just like the GC is not a Wrangler.
  5. Test drove Land Rover Defender

    People are like politicians. I have built several on their website. You can get one for less than 70 or 80, unless your including interest over the entire amortization of the loan and have poor credit with a champagne taste. They start at 50, that’s what a rubicon is priced at. For that small...
  6. Test drove Land Rover Defender

    Reliability can’t be more sketchy than FCA. An optioned base model is not too far out of reach and the bonus is their dealership won’t treat you like an alien if you use the vehicle as they intended.
  7. Test drove Land Rover Defender

    I test drove the new Land Rover Defender yesterday. Very nice. The dealership had 4 to look at and one was really optioned well. I drove the base S.E. model.
  8. Court finds Mahindra Roxor is a copy of the Jeep

    We can stop dealing with china anytime we want, but money is more important than oversight or punishment. That’s why we have a problem. The Chinese government is the entity that makes the deal with outsiders and they end up owning rights to those deals. Corporations know that and complain about...
  9. How do Jeep motors get oil at steep angles?

    That‘s G-force, not an occasional tilt. My boxster has the same design.
  10. Would you be deterred from buying a Sahara with accident on its Carfax?

    Anytime the police write a report an accident will be added to car fax. I had a vehicle that was gently hit while sitting in my driveway after a little ricochet. Only real damage was to the plastic bits on the front drivers side. It’s on car fax.
  11. TRD 4Runner driver was checking out my Jeep today...

    Probably wondering if it has the death wobble or terrible welds. Wanting to document to identity so it could keep a good distance just in case. While simultaneously admiring it’s looks.
  12. Made in the USA

    That’s here. The Asian continent is the new whore for industry.
  13. Made in the USA

    There is some merit to that statement, but it’s really veneer. Industry is driven by where they can dump their waste. It’s a huge byproduct and that keeps the industry out of the US.
  14. Redline oil for Rubicon 2.0T engine

    I use it for my front and rear differentials and have not had any trouble. I don’t have any experience with that oil in the motor since I buy Mobil One on sale at Costco.
  15. Keep an eye on Sirius/XM

    At the end of the chat there is an option for you to save the chat conversation. Just FYI.
  16. Made in the USA

    The truth about the Chinese is they have a state capitalist economy. In a nutshell the government controls the labor rates via contracts. Therefore the cheap labor is very attractive to businesses with very low risk.
  17. Keep an eye on Sirius/XM

    It’s normal now for all retailers that have had your card information to automatically debit accounts despite having cancelled the old card. Now I log into their portal and change my information to mail an invoice. Or call them and ask the agent to change it.
  18. 2019 JL FM radio poor reception

    Sure, pay for a service that gets regularly interrupted by other frequencies.
  19. Installed: 37s with NO LIFT on JLUR

    Those poor little birds you hunt.
  20. Gas is cheaper than beer!

    The oil companies will eventually get even with us. We have been taken advantage of by the industry for ever. I don’t have any sympathy for them.