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  1. 21 JL first outing, what did i do wrong?

    It’ll wow break wow in wow and wow be wow easier wow to wow shift wow to wow 4Lo.
  2. Help! My wife HATES my new Jeep!

    Yes, you are crazy. Go sit in a TJ, then in your JL. You’ll find that what you’re remembering from 20 years ago isn’t reality.
  3. Dog hair removal ideas?

    ⬆️THIS⬆️ is the answer. I can’t speak highly enough about how effective and well thought out this is. Use the flat surface for larger areas, use the edges to get into the cracks, use the curved surface to clean contoured areas. Pulls the dog hair out of the fibers of the fabric and clumps it...
  4. Jeep Roll Fallacy

    Glad no one died. I gotta ask though, the CJ-7 just randomly flipped? Or is there more to the story (e.g., someone hit her or she tried an evasive maneuver to avoid an accident)?
  5. Y'all not messin around with the off-road trails

    First off, I think the mentality you have will more than suit you well. Wanting to test your rig and more importantly, recognizing you were in over your head and deciding to regroup is commendable. Second, I think you’re on the right path with what it sounds like you’ve ordered. Get the basics...
  6. Pennsylvania Storage Bags for Doors and Soft Top Window Storage

    You’ll likely have better luck posting this in a forum specific to TJs since this one is specific to JLs.
  7. Flagpole Knob, VA

    I finally made the trip west to Flagpole Knob yesterday. I've seen it mentioned several times during my search for some decent trails in the area. Most of what I found about Flagpole Knob referred to a 7.6 mile out and back route. With the trail being 2 hours away, I wanted something a little...
  8. Dee Zee rack for Roof Top Tents

    Unfortunately, I’m out of town away from my Jeep right now. Otherwise, I’d gladly get some measurements for you.
  9. Dee Zee rack for Roof Top Tents

    The distance between those point will vary based on where you’re taking the measurements. The top gets wider as move further forward. Because of this, the distance between the support feet will be different on the front support bar when compared to the rear support bar and is dependent on each...
  10. Dee Zee rack for Roof Top Tents

    Installed the CVT Mt. Hood yesterday and noticed loud rattling when hitting bumps. Anyone else run into this issue after installing an RTT on their Dee Zee rack? If so, how did you resolve it?
  11. 2020 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale Tracker

    They have pockets and a hook inside.
  12. 2020 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale Tracker

    XG Cargo is doing 20% off. I’ve been thinking about some storage mounted to the bars in the rear cargo area, and this might just push me over the edge! XG Cargo
  13. Dee Zee rack for Roof Top Tents

    Sorry to hear about the missing hardware. Funny thing about that, I ordered both the 60” and 24” racks like you. When I was unpacking it all and accounting for everything, I had twice as much nuts, bolts, and washers as the instructions required. Seems like Dee Zee isn’t doing a good job of...
  14. Do not ever EVER forget to unpair your Tazer, you WILL pay

    I’ll buy it from you... ...for $50.
  15. Did you sell your muscle car for a Jeep?

    From this... this... Had a blast with the Charger, but I missed getting into the mountains. I haven’t regretted the decision once.
  16. Looking to get 4 wheel driving experience

    What he said. It's about 7 hours from Raleigh if you choose one of their 101 classes at Rausch Creek Off Road Park. I've done some guided rides with them and have heard from people who have done their 101 and 201 courses. Well worth it! And Rausch Creek is a legit place to wheel; I'd...
  17. Rausch Creek, Anyone?

    Mind if I tag along on the 24th?
  18. Rausch Creek, Anyone?

    Download the Badges of Honor app by Jeep. After you register on the app, you’ll be able to see all the trails they have badges for. They’ll send you a badge after you check in and complete a trail. All for free.