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  1. Sting Gray Owners w/ aftermarket wheels please post pics

    Fuel Blitz matte black/machined. 18x9 w/ 1mm offset. I could not find a single pic on the interweb of a 18x 9 Fuel wheel without a lift...So I had to make my own....These things are sick!!!! They look even better than the pic...!
  2. Has anyone removed this panel?

    Thank you! Just printed that out. Jeep is going in tomorrow. Hopefully they can reference the star case and be done with it!
  3. Connecticut Seat covers (OEM) Sahara JLU

    BUMP!! Anyone want these? $50 plus shipping. Still brand new, still sitting in a box in my garage.
  4. Has anyone removed this panel?

    Holy crap!! That is the exact same problem we have...It is my wifes car. I actually took it the day Hillary was being interviewed by Howard. I was like "wtf is with the radio in this thing"...After poking around, I realized it is coming from that panel. It is going in next week, hopefully a...
  5. DEF Usage

    Another added benefit....Because of the volumes that truck stops pump, you are almost guaranteed fresh fuel!
  6. Has anyone removed this panel?

    What is behind this panel? That is the exact spot I am getting a strange "tinny" vibration when the radio is on! If I hold my fingers on the panel, it seems to damper the vibration.
  7. Fiat Diesel, lol don't do it.

    Glad to hear! Just ordered a loaded up Ram 1500 Limited diesel today. Trading my SRT Grand Cherokee for it!
  8. Anything to know when taking your JL to an automatic carwash?

    Do you people actually own a Wrangler??? Seriously? Who gives a s#it about the soft top or windows...It is a Jeep... Both my SRT and Wrangler (soft top in the summer) go through an automatic car wash almost weekly. The only thing I do is leave the key in the car and grease the attendants...
  9. 2020 Dark Saddle Leather - Kinda Ugly?

    Take a look to the left at my screen pic. We had amoretto tuscan Katzkin leather installed in our JL. It is actually not as orange as it looks in that pic. I had an '11 GC Summit a few years ago, it is almost the exact color of the saddle interior it came with. Having all four door armrests and...
  10. Who has more than 1 Jeep ?

    '17 SRT Grand Cherokee (mine) '19 JLU Sahara (wife) When both are in the garage, I choose the JLU over my SRT!
  11. Connecticut Seat covers (OEM) Sahara JLU

    Got ya...These are the actual seat covers that are on the seats. In other words, they would replace what you currently have.
  12. Connecticut JLU Premium soft top

    Sorry folks, this top is no longer for sale. Thank you.
  13. Connecticut Seat covers (OEM) Sahara JLU

    Not sure what you mean? When our JLU came in, it went right to the upholstery shop to have the Katzkin interior installed. They took the brand new seat covers off, put them in a box and left them for me.
  14. Connecticut JLU Premium soft top

    New in box premium soft top. Never used. Mopar Part #: 82215146. $1800. Local pick-up only.
  15. Connecticut Seat covers (OEM) Sahara JLU

    Set of brand new OEM Sahara JLU cloth seat covers in black. Had Katzkin leather installed when Jeep was brand new. These have been sitting in my garage (in the Katzkin box)..$100 obo.
  16. Northeast Group Buy 7% under for '20 MY

    2020 MY job one is not scheduled until July 22nd. You will not see a '20 on the ground until early August. Also, CT doc fees are not capped at $399. I do not believe there is a cap in CT. I have seen them as high as $599.
  17. Nostalgia...

    Kinda funny,..If I want to drive a Jeep with a loud and obnoxious ride, I will take my '17 SRT for a spin (a few mods have altered the stock ride and drive). I actually enjoy the relative "serenity" of my wifes '19 Sahara JLU..!
  18. Sunrider or full soft top?

    Totally agree with the premium soft top. Here in CT as well. I have a brand new one that is sitting in my garage that I bought off of the forums here for $1k last month. It was that or we keep the hard top on all the time. Had the roof panels out last week when the weather was nice (simulated...
  19. Negotiation tactic question

    Why are you all making this so difficult? Get the tissue price (invoice-holdback) and figure out how much profit you are willing to give the dealer. It is all over these boards and the internet for that matter. If there is a finance cash incentive on the table (there is not) finance the...
  20. New York *SOLD* Upstate NY Dealership has 8 JLU deluxe soft tops for sale

    Pretty sure they were overstock. The fact that mine was tied to a pallet indicates that it was an order from the factory and not a leave behind from someone who didn't want it with their Jeep purchase.