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  1. Texas WTB Bestop Trektop soft top used

    Oh hmm you have the higher quality twill version. I was really considering the basic black diamond. How much are you going to give it up for? I am not looking to pay a lot. I will consider driving to SA though.
  2. Texas WTB Bestop Trektop soft top used

    I'm located in TX area but am willing to pay for shipping if the price is right. Only interested in frameless soft tops
  3. Texas Rubicon Rock Rails - Houston, TX $100

    Sold in the Houston area for $150 ---------------------- Like new rock rails for Jeep Wrangler JLU (2018+) model year. Includes ALL mounting hardware. Never been off roaded. Light dirt and sand that hasn't been hosed off yet for the pics.
  4. OTA Update is finally here!

    Was driving in Houston for about 15 mins and I got the notification to do the OTA update. I set it to update as soon as the Jeep was turn off. Next morning, nothing. No update, no off road pages. Anybody else have this issue?
  5. On Pavement: Sport, Sahara or Rubicon?

    I drive Houston roads pretty frequently, and judging by your avatar, my experience might help your curiosity. I came from a "normal" car before the Jeep. I am the opposite of you. I've never driven a Sport/Sahara, but I have a JLU Rubicon and even when it was stock, it was a bumpy ride. Not...
  6. Jeep Nacho - only 3,000 built

    The 2018 Nacho Wranglers were the first true special and/or limited edition JLs.
  7. [Resolved] Cracked spare tire carrier

    RESOLUTION 8/6/2019: After the warranty claim got denied from FCA corporate, I made a last ditch effort to reach out to my dealer's owner. I contacted him about the issue and explained basically everything in this thread to him. He made a call to corporate and went back and forth with them...
  8. SOLD: Rubicon Steel Front Bumper+Acc Houston, TX

    Yes, that sounds like a plan. Let me know asap. Sorry to hear about your Jeep but glad to hear you are ok.
  9. SOLD: Rubicon Steel Front Bumper+Acc Houston, TX

    SOLD ------- Like new Rubicon steel front bumper (and removable end caps) + steel skid plate + plastic trim strip + all OEM mounting hardware. Gray spots are from road dust/bugs/water spots that accumulate. Didn't bother scrubbing the stuff clean since it just accumulates again. Did a quick...
  10. [Resolved] Cracked spare tire carrier

    UPDATE (not a happy one): My dealer sent the pics up to FCA corporate and the warranty claim was rejected saying that the factory carrier bracket is not rated to hold oversized tires. I asked for an appeal and my case manager was told there is no way to appeal this as it is a final decision...
  11. Houston area jeepers, who is your go-to?

    I've worked with and really like Tank Customs on 1923 Hoskins Dr, Houston, TX 77080. The owner, Chris, is a member on these forums (@TTEChris) and is selfless enough to do things the right way without thinking of making an extra buck off the customer. I feel like I could trust his advice and not...
  12. Center console removal/takedown?

    Lol I know, but I'm a wimp. I don't wanna break anything, especially being that it is so new. Hopefully the console comes far enough apart that you and I can both fix the parking brake issue (assuming that is what you were talking about previously).
  13. Center console removal/takedown?

    Awesome thanks! You're a hero.
  14. Center console removal/takedown?

    Any pics of the progress? Were you able to tighten the parking brake cable? I really want to try lol.
  15. Center console removal/takedown?

    Any possible way y'all could post pictures of the takedown?
  16. Center console removal/takedown?

    No not yet. I did remove all the carpet from the front and back seat footwells and it looks like some of the console can be removed easily. I will try finangling with it but I am still scared of snapping plastic bits.
  17. [Resolved] Cracked spare tire carrier

    You're missing quite a bit. In the OP I stated that discount tire discovered the crack as soon as the stock tire was removed from my brand new JL. The 37 spare wasn't ever mounted because the tech said it wouldn't fit.
  18. floor carpet removal + interior rhino spray lining

    OP @cgpratt , the flap that covers the trunk bin is covered in carpet. I saw that you removed it in the pics so that the area could be rhino lined. Is the carpet covering that flap removable or do you have to remove the entire flap? Is it easy to remove?
  19. Saw this Easter Egg on JL Sport S headlamps

    Look at the attention to detail. The outside grille slots are indented just like the JL headlight/grille.