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  1. Jeep should have put the aux switches...

    Join a local club, most land available for off-roading is private.
  2. Wrangler Rules

    Said no man ever...
  3. Spare tire carrier with 37s

    Those rims are awesome, I assume that’s a crystal Granite JL?. Those were one of my options, I went with the Mopar bead locks and will have the rings powder coated to match.
  4. New England B.S.

    Well, my JLUR came in last Friday, we missed the insurance company so I couldn’t pick it up till Monday, but hey what the hell at least it’s here! Lift kit, 37’s and Mopar bead lock wheels on order.
  5. New England B.S.

    We have to be a little bit old to afford a JLUR, but young enough to remember how to have fun!
  6. New England B.S.

    I see you're still rocking a green plate, cool! My JLUR showed up yesterday almost a week early, I was at the dealership trying to nail down lift& install along with the MOPAR bead locks and the salesman walked up with tho owners manual! I'm in Wilmington and a member of NEJEEPZ.
  7. 37x13.50R20 Toyo Open Country M/T

    How did you make out? I'm about to buy the 37/12.5 coopers today.
  8. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Jeep says ETA to dealer 8\13-8\16 yahoo!
  9. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    You have given me hope that the train ride will be a quick one.
  10. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Order Date: 06/21/2018 Build sheet via cryptostickers - 07/02 JB (shipped to body vendor) - not sure of the date but spent 2-3 weeks there. Sticker via cryptostickers - 08/04 Text from dealer Jeep loaded on rail 08/04 I hope to see it soon! I wasn't as diligent as some about...
  11. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    I don't think so, the only notifications are for build sheet and window sticker. Mine went to KZ status a few days before I found the window sticker.
  12. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    I was lost, in JB Jail for 2-3 weeks, but now my window sticker has been found!!!
  13. Bump Stops needed on stock height Rubicon with 35" ?

    I'm thinking of trying the inner fenders from Artec industries. They claim 35s no lift no rubbing.
  14. Any Rubicon owners NOT planning to install lift/tires?

    I feel a little ill after seeing those two jeeps...
  15. Fun Little Jeep Story...For the Old and the New Owners... Cherish it!

    That's how I lost my 67 Scout. I now have a1955 Cj-5 I've owned for almost 30 years and never driven. When my current wife complains I remind her that it has out lasted one wife, it will out last her.
  16. Little things you discovered on your JL

    How tall is she? My wife is only 4' 9", her feet barely touch also.