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  1. Flat Towing a Jeep

    As noted 33k miles is pretty good on a set of aggressive tires. Sounds like a trip to the tire shop is in order,
  2. Oil catch can and Jeep warranty

    It won’t unless they dealer can show that it caused the warranty problem (Magnusen Moss act). Why are you thinking you need a catch can? Getting a lot of blow by or ?
  3. 2019 JL unlimited Towing a Camper question

    Dealers frankly don’t care. Years ago we were at the Atlanta RV show and I saw a dealer pushing an elderly couple toward a huge fifth wheel. I’d just bought a new F350 dually with a tow rating of 14,500. This 5’er weighed 21,400 and I heard the salesman tell the folks that “any 3/4 or 1 ton...
  4. My Other Hooby

    Gosh, and I just play with motorcycles...😏
  5. Bourbon talk...

    I’m a Willets, Blanton’s, guy. For those of you who haven’t done so and love bourbon, may I suggest a vacation trip the the Bluegrass and a round on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Start at Bardstown and hit a bunch of great distilleries -you will enjoy it. Check out the Old Talnoy Tavern on...
  6. Looking for this graphic for a JL

    Count me in. I’ll take an XL
  7. 2019 JL unlimited Towing a Camper question

    Just know your trailer will be significantly over the Jeep’s Factory rated maximum tow rating. When you add water, propane, clothes, dishes, groceries etc. I’m guessing at least 4200 lbs or so. I’d definitely get the rig weighed when fully loaded so I’d know for sure where I was at. Will...
  8. 3.0 vs 2.0, it's Jeep time for Mongo!

    My 2.0 has been a great choice. I wanted a 2 dr so the diesel wasn’t an option, but I’ve no regrets. Consistently mileage in the mid 20’s with a worst tank of 20.9 running some fire service roads. I love diesels, but modern ones need to be “driven” several miles and consistently to run...
  9. Shifting Procedure for Four-Wheel Drive Operation

    Mine does 2H to 4H easily. 4 L on the other hand is tough -trans in neutral seems to help.
  10. Towing 2890 lbs with Jeep JL?

    You’re going to be running close to or above max tow weight, never a good idea. “Can” you pull it, sure, Should you pull it? Your call. Remember water is 8.3 lbs/gallon. As noted you only have a “reserve” of 610 lbs and it’s VERY easy to exceed that (2 standard propane bottles = 55-60 lbs...
  11. JL dolly towing behind RV redux

    As noted, the manual says “No”. Why? Not sure, but I’d think the folks that designed and built it would know more about it than the average user. If you are really serious, I’d fine a GOOD Jeep wrench/shop and see if they could tell you why the factory says no. Personally I flat tow and it...
  12. JL Rubicon vs Renegade Trailhawk snow performance?

    My JLwith limited slips and KO2’s does pretty well in snow, however if I lived in serious snow country I’d pick up a second set of wheels and put dedicated WINTER tires in it, they will make a Jeep almost unstoppable.
  13. What made you jump in the Wrangler bandwagon?

    I agree,I went Jeep many moons ago because you couldn’t get a new Scout and my ‘80 finally wore out. Jeep was next best. No regrets but I di miss the IH’s, They were tough little rigs..
  14. Washed my Keyfob

    I’d try the cleaning trick..if that fails you’re likely SOL. You “might“ find one from a wrecked JL and get your dealer to reprogram it. As noted, new ones are “scarce”.
  15. Should I buy New or Used

    Used prices seem pretty darn high to me. I’d shop around and get new for the same $$. may as well get the warranty and whole new car thing vs potentially getting someone else’s problems, esp given the amount of $$$ the used ones are going for. You may have to shop around and even go out of...
  16. Dealer Cussed me out over Survey!

    Calling Corporate and telling them your experience is one thing, second thing, call the OWNER of the dealership, be polite and courteous but tell him Exactly what was said to you. I’m pretty laid back, but a few decades ago I’d have paid a social call on the a-hole that cussed me out. 😏
  17. Jeep Roll Fallacy

    I take this stuff with a huge grain of salt. I well remember the Audi “unintended acceleration” debacle. Audi solved the problem by configuring an interlock so the vehicle would not start with a foot on the brake pedal. Problem miraculously disappeared😏