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  1. Kentucky WTB: JL Wrangler Black Moab/Willy's Rims and tires

    I have 5 2019 Moab rims available . They have 10,000 miles on them.
  2. Wisconsin For sale Mopar tow/factory harness

    I believe it is.
  3. Question regarding the Windsheld defrost

    I would be interested in purchasing this when available .
  4. Wisconsin For sale Mopar tow/factory harness

    New in box factory wiring harness for 2018+ JL. This was included in purchase agreement of my 2019 Moab, ended up not needing it. Selling for $250.00 will ship. Or can be picked up in Green Bay, WI.
  5. Wisconsin SOLD

    I. marked these sold twice, keeps popping back up. THEY ARE SOLD
  6. Wisconsin Soft top of 2005 LJ

    Black factory top in very good condition. Doesn't include windows or door bracket. TOP ONLY! Pick up in Green Bay, WI. Price is $300.00
  7. HELLA YELLA Wrangler JL Club

    What are you useing for tow bar and breaking system? I'm waiting for things to open up so I can set up my View motor home and JLU Moab for towing. The dealer did throw in a wiring harness with the purchase.
  8. Powered side steps

    My Amp XL install.
  9. Wisconsin SOLD

    Still for sale. Had them sold twice but both sales didn't finalize. These are almost $1,000.00 from Mopar a real bargain for $350.00!
  10. Best Trail Bottle Jack - Rubicon JL

    This is what I have. Haven't needed it so far, like the reach and safety of this product.
  11. Rotopax/Fuelpax mounting plate

    Does. this interfere with the backup camera?
  12. Wisconsin SOLD

    I will stop in at UPS Friday for quote. Does. the label cover the freight? Do you plan on mailing a check? I don't have a pay pal account.
  13. Wisconsin SOLD

    Not a problem.
  14. Powered side steps

    I also installed the Amp, XL. Very pleased with them. Side benefit is they conceal the frame pinch welds.
  15. Wisconsin SOLD

    Kind of difficult to ship, would have to charge extra for shipping and packaging. Where to?
  16. Wisconsin SOLD

    2019 JLU Moab side rails/steps for sale. Factory rails removed after 1 month of city use. Are in perfect condition. (replaced with power steps) Price $350.00 pick up Green Bay, Wi