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  1. Poll: Is your steering this loose?

    No, you have to contstantly fight with it. The problem is when it's in the dead zone, it's not pushing the wheels left or right... so if you want to correct your direction, you have to move the wheel about 1.5" one way out of the dead spot, until you feel the resistance, then push.. Also I've...
  2. Reprogramming key fob?

    Thanks all. This is unfortunate. I just can't believe it can't be reprogrammed. How stupid is that. I got my eBay money back, but not the cost of the failed reprogramming. Ah well, live and learn. Thanks for all the replies.
  3. Reprogramming key fob?

    I think a dealer just scammed us. We bought a key fob off eBay for $70 and it seems to work - the LED comes on, we even put a new battery in it. The dealer just charged us $110 and then said it didn't work and that we still had to pay for their labor (all of 5 minutes). So are they lying to us...
  4. JCR Off Road Rock Sliders Question

    tbh any slider that is also a step is not a GREAT step, because it is kind of too high to use as a step.. maybe if you're on the shorter side, it is more functional, but I'm 6' and if I try to step up onto these, I end up way too high to get into my Jeep, so usually I just kind of jump into my...
  5. Leaking on Drive Side, anyone else?

    We just noticed this on our new JLU, and it looks like it comes in UNDER the door, mostly in the center. So if the water nozzle is low enough pointing up under the door, it sprays in a bit. We're going to add Jeep 82215394 and see if it helps block the water from coming in...
  6. Rust proofing new cars (underneath)

    For those doing this, do y'all spray it on the springs, sway bar disconnects, shock rods, steering knuckles, etc? I heard not to spray it on the brakes but not sure where else I shouldn't.... ??
  7. Poll: Is your steering this loose?

    Well yeah the wiggle is all the hydro steering setup, nothing to do with the drag link or tie rod, stabilizer, etc... You can wiggle the steering wheel and see the pitman arm not even moving any. That is the issue, and the only likely root cause here is the steering box itself.
  8. big 3 upgrade

    Did you buy a kit or just got some bulk cable, and a bunch of like screw terminals?
  9. big 3 upgrade

    So nobody has done this yet?? I have a 1KW sub amp, and my headlights dim a tiny bit, but it's not bad. But, I put in some new LED turn signals and now I notice they flicker once occasionally only when I like lock the doors, or rev the engine, etc.. which is bizarre, though maybe they just have...
  10. Poll: Is your steering this loose?

    So far, I've found the firmer aftermarket steering stabilizer (I got the Falcon 2.2 quick adjust) even on SOFT, makes a HUGE difference in this regard. This no longer happens! Even heavy winds don't push me around like I expect them to anymore. When I took the factory SS out, I realized just how...
  11. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    My one GPCA gripe is the center rear part by the tailgate, sags inward/downard. It looks dumb when it happens. I am going to slice the fabric on the underside and slide in some long skinny neodymium magnets, which should make it stick to the tailgate and clean up that edge a bit.
  12. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    Look into a soft tonneau cover, like the one from GPCA. It will keep the sub/amp dry and hide it when parked. It's not foolproof, but it may help. They do make more secure metal ones, like from Diabolical, but then vibrations and sound obstruction may be an issue.
  13. Falcon Nexus Steering Stabilizer Relation?

    Haha, I was like - I did not say that!! :D yeah, good points though. That is great to know about the shock valving, I kind of though they were different but there is some confusion on that subject, as I've heard it was the same from others. Thanks for the follow-up!
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Is that working out for ya? I got the same Winch as you, and I think the 90 foot rope is just too much for it with the rope sheath on there. I took mine off because it got caught up in there and was a PITA to get it all back out. I am keeping it in my gear bag should I ever need it.
  15. Falcon Nexus Steering Stabilizer Relation?

    The shock is the same between the JK and the JL version of the Falcon 2.2. The only difference is the clamp mount vs. the new JL bracket-based mount. You have to remove the mount and swap it (order the other mount from Teraflex) - see the first 2 pages of this thread for details on the part...
  16. Falcon Nexus Steering Stabilizer Relation?

    I just want to add. Today is SUPER windy, and I put my Falcon to the test. I love it! It's so much better/firmer than stock, even on Soft or Medium. On Firm it feels a bit too tough, and I don't want to wear anything/else out, so I'm trying to keep it on Medium. It drives much better in heavy...
  17. Falcon Nexus Steering Stabilizer Relation?

    I called TeraFlex last week - they said their Falcon team was out, and he would get back to me on Monday. He never did. But, AFAICT, you just tighten that puppy down by hand and it will kind of lock in place as it squeezes in on that gasket. Just tighten as much as you can without going nuts...
  18. Falcon Nexus Steering Stabilizer Relation?

    I have the front driveshaft already, but I also heard you have to have the track bar bracket as it keeps the TB and the DL parallel to each other. So, no flip for me.. Oh and my "masking tape" test results showed there is no contact as-is, so I'm happy for now.... Thanks all for the replies!
  19. Falcon Nexus Steering Stabilizer Relation?

    How lifted are you? I think I won't have enough clearance at 3.5" of lift if I do high-steer. Also I'd have to pull the bushing which may not even be possible on the OEM drag link. Ah well, it was worth a shot. Maybe I will just be fine, despite how close it is. Time will tell.