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  1. Bronco Temptation..

    Forget I said anything. Haha
  2. Bronco Temptation..

    Grass is greener? Jeep has had many years to come up with better engine options and never did. It’s nice when a car manufacturer really puts in the effort to listen to the consumer.
  3. Bronco Temptation..

    Love my JL but I love that Ford really put in a lot of research on what consumers want. Quad roof panels Ecoboost engines (2.7 ecoboost is butter) 35 inch tires 4.70 gears list goes on and on.
  4. Would you trade JL for JT?

    I have a F150 and a JL........I want to trade them in for the JT. Would you guys trade in your JL for the JT?
  5. Smoothest Riding 35 inch tire?

    My current tires are the Ridge Grapplers..they are nice tires but not great for highway travel. They are very stiff and bumpy on the highway. What other tires do you recommend? My JL is my daily driver. Thanks
  6. Texas 5 BFG K02 Tires for Sale

    Still for sale?
  7. Considering Gladiator. Share your trade in value on JL.

    I currently have a JL and F150....its a lot cheaper for me to combine into one vehicle. That is my reasoning. The JL's dont seem to be holding values like JK. Lets stick to trade in values. Thanks
  8. Considering Gladiator. Share your trade in value on JL.

    If anyone considered trading in JL for another vehicle can you please share what the dealer offered you . I see the trade in value on kelly blue book and it seems really off.
  9. 35's with no lift will rub or not?

    How bad will I rub? JL Sport S.......need to save money for lift.
  10. Jeeps in Snow... post pics.

    I drove grapplers to denver and I felt a lot more slipping that wasn't expected.
  11. Bike rack options?

    I bought a hitch extender to get past the back that our only option as of now?
  12. Bouncy Jeep (Newb Question)

    I bought it used with lift and 35's. I test drove a couple with stock tires....don't remember all of the bouncing. I have gotten use to it...just wondering If I'm missing an upgrade that can help.
  13. Bouncy Jeep (Newb Question)

    I will lower to 30-32 and see how it goes. Bouncy meaning ....I hit a bump and the suspension keeps the jeep bouncing all over the place. I know it wont be like a Cadillac but if there is something I can upgrade to help then I'm good with that.
  14. Bouncy Jeep (Newb Question)

    35's Nitto Ridge Grapplers. I believe I saw 37 psi for all 4 tires on the screen. I thought better shocks would do the job.
  15. Bouncy Jeep (Newb Question)

    Bought my JL slightly used. Already came with 35's and 2inch lift (Mopar). I don't know much about suspension.....what upgrade will settle the jeep down and cushion the bumps.
  16. Snow driving Tips

    I made the trip to Colorado from Houston on ridge grapplers. Never again. I will spend the $500-600 dollars on snow tires next time. I still have nightmares of driving on ice in the Colorado
  17. Any reports of issues with steering in the 2019s?

    Try driving thru the mountains of Colorado on slippery roads......I had like 5 heart attacks.
  18. JL not shifting correctly up hill.

    I'm not sure whats going on....when I go up hill it doesn't shift correctly and it sounds like its stuck in 2nd or 3rd gear. My JL was struggling going up the Colorado mountains. Any ideas? AUTO and in 2HI
  19. Houston to Colorado in JL

    The trip is coming to an end. Ridge Grapplers and icy roads = pee in my pants. I don't recommend them for winter use....I will purchase some winter tires next time. Driving thru the mountains on slippery roads was very stressful...never again.