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  1. 2020 Gladiator visor broken

    Improved design
  2. 2020 Gladiator visor broken

    So you were able to just walk in and show them your visor and get it done in that time? I don’t understand why there are people that exaggerate like that. Any dealer repair would be at least 2 trips. And even then you are replacing it with the same piece of crap visor. To anyone with this...
  3. 2020 Gladiator visor broken

    Just did this repair using these.
  4. California Mopar Tailgate Table

    Sorry I sold it earlier. Just didn’t have to to mark it.
  5. California Mopar Tailgate Table

    This is a Mopar tailgate table for a Jeep Wrangler JL. Part number 82215416AD. This is only a couple months old. Decided to go in a different direction. This requires the tailgate panel to be drilled. I would be willing to swap panels to keep you from having to drill your panel. Let me...
  6. Anyone recognize this sweet looking stubby?
  7. California Ace Engineering Rock Sliders San Diego

    I have a set of Ace Engineering rock sliders for sale. $200. Fallbrook
  8. California Rubicon Unlimited Rock Rails SD

    I have a set of Rubicon unlimited rock rails for sale. Great condition. $75. Located in Fallbrook, CA
  9. Underhood Lighting - KC Cyclones

    May have stumbled across a decent location for the stock switch and bracket. Right by the prop rod mount.
  10. Underhood Lighting - KC Cyclones

    A switch will not work in that location for me. There is a cooler in front of the radiator on my Jeep that you don’t have. Don’t know if it is because I have a auto or tow package. But there isn’t room.
  11. Underhood Lighting - KC Cyclones

    Glad to hear. I’m looking to do the same and it looks like the switch will be pretty close to the radiator.
  12. Underhood Lighting - KC Cyclones

    What size did you use?
  13. Underhood Lighting - KC Cyclones

    Like the install. Have there been any heat issues with the switch in that location?
  14. Quietest Rock Crawler/ High Tuck Exhaust

    Just curious. Wouldn’t you use a 2.5 inch muffler instead of the 2.25?
  15. Aux Switch Panel - Loss of all power