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  1. The clutch gang!

    Rookie question. I can let clutch out on first and second no gas and she rolls along nicely. Again no gas just idle. This is all good on engine right? This isn’t “lugging”?
  2. Car alarm keeps going off

    No this is not like that. If I respond with turning it off it comes back on. A few minutes or sometimes seconds later. I was wondering if faulty Fob? The dealer wants to take it in next week and give me a loaner. So that gives me time to try and learn some stuff.
  3. Car alarm keeps going off

    I got my Jeep back today. He said they found no codes thrown and no bulletin or recalls. It did it again tonight. The dealer said if it does push the brake and start the Jeep by pushing the button with fob. This started the vehicle but did not stop the alarm. I pulled the 2 outer light and...
  4. Car alarm keeps going off

    No doubt. That gives me some peace of mind.
  5. Car alarm keeps going off

    Ok thank you. I will call and get it booked in. I have not disconnected the second battery because I had to get to work
  6. Car alarm keeps going off

    Well that makes sense. I must have forgot there was that lil second one. Thank you
  7. Car alarm keeps going off

    It’s still going off. If anyone can help please do.
  8. Car alarm keeps going off

    Cleaning this post up because it was a mess from trying to problem solve while it was happening. The emergency alarm keeps coming on. I turn it off and it comes back on minutes or hours later. The dealer doesn’t know what to do and doesn’t see any obvious issues. Move this post to the proper...
  9. Dual Top Owners - When do you switch to Soft Top?

    What does the sun rider cost us folk up here? I don’t mind the freedom panels. I’m hoping Sunday is nice.
  10. The clutch gang!

    I need to start posting more on here.. I got mine delivered last October. I love my stick but I am still learning how to drive it better everyday and only done light trailing so far.
  11. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    That’s exactly the info I was looking for. I asked because I mentioned a few things to the service lady on the phone and she threw a stop sign up immediately that I would need a warranty claim for them to be even thinking about looking at my Jeep. All I had did was inquire on some sore of...
  12. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    Sooo... As someone who hasn’t done a single thing to his Jeep to see if it improved steering where would I even start?
  13. LED's not hot enough to melt snow while driving!!??

    Interesting point. My first set of LEDs and I will be sure to keep an eye. Up in Canada so we get lots of snow for sure.
  14. Rubi is GREAT in the snow

    I never read anything so I had no preconceived ideas. We have a Durango with the AWD. Works good. Took the rubi out and played on unplowed roads tonight. Felt great to me but I also have a lot of experience in the snow. 4WH felt perfect when I needed it. Easy to get in and out of, no big...
  15. RPM’s with manual transmission

    I have had my Jeep since start of October and still not the best at it. You guys make it sound like the goal is to just not drop below 2k? I find it wants to sit just under that more often than not but IIm still learning. Maybe there's some good YouTube videos. I also find I'm not the best at...
  16. Ontario GTA, Canada Group

    I bought a loaded JLUR from Mustafa at dodge. Can you guys verify that when they wave the fee they still have to show it on the paper work. Either way I can help with any pricing info I might have from it. I believe it was invoice at 57 thous for the jeep
  17. Auto climate control not as effective in the cold

    If you guys don't like the Auto do you just go back to manually doing it? I've always used auto since my Durango but my wife and friend complain they don't like it blows cold air sometimes. Idk. I've found it nice on the Wrangler but Ive always tried to use climate control just enough to warm...
  18. JL Delivery Checklist

    Thanks Sunin. Im not sure I’ll be going under it but I will check as much as I can.
  19. Turns out the JL is heavier and just as thirsty/slow as the JK

    I have to apologize but what an atrocious post. I don’t even have my JL yet, so I’m not even biased. Completely disregard any improvements? Not every thing about a car revolves around mpg and breaking distance. I cant remember the last time either of those mattered to me. Sorry to be blunt but...
  20. BILLET SILVER Wrangler JL Club

    A darker grey would look cool. Black might be cool too hmmm lol I think I would want painted fenders with those gear rims. But I like the stock Rubi rims more.