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  1. JL Rotopax Mount - "Adventure Caddie"

    You have to apply the codes before checkout to double them up. There was a shipping error on the backend, fixed now.
  2. JL Rotopax Mount - "Adventure Caddie"

    10:00AM PST.
  3. JL Rotopax Mount - "Adventure Caddie"

    Always. I don't know if I mentioned it but the forum discount code is JLFORUM10
  4. JL Rotopax Mount - "Adventure Caddie"

    Yeah, it is up on the website. I just don't have any photos of it yet.
  5. JL Rotopax Mount - "Adventure Caddie"

    I don't have a picture of the camera angle from the head unit at the moment. But the camera is basically in the same spot and pointed down at the same angle. This is the camera in its housing on the Caddie. In the back you can see where the stock location is. Basically on the same line, just...
  6. JL Rotopax Mount - "Adventure Caddie"

    Oh, by the way there is also a service personnel discount, you can pre sign up for if you are a US citizen or Canadian Citizen. Details on this page: It CAN be used together with the forum discount. Just make...
  7. JL Rotopax Mount - "Adventure Caddie"

    The site should be unlocked now, but you cant purchase anything until tomorrow.
  8. JL Rotopax Mount - "Adventure Caddie"

    Well you could try it without relocation, but it will ship with the items needed and you will have that option whenever you want to switch. I think I can PM you the instructions which will make it more clear.
  9. JL Rotopax Mount - "Adventure Caddie"

    I put a stock wheel on for you, so I could see how far the camera would come through with that backspacing. Unfortunately I don't have my backup camera installed in the stock mount so I cant snap a pick from my head unit, but you would have some visibility directly behind you with the caddie on...
  10. JL Rotopax Mount - "Adventure Caddie"

    Are you leaving the caddie on full time, or removing it? I can't remember.
  11. JL Rotopax Mount - "Adventure Caddie"

    You just need to relocate your camera, right? Or you dont care if it is blocked?
  12. JL Rotopax Mount - "Adventure Caddie"

    Just working on some things in the background before I open it up. If you haven't already, you can sign up on that password page to get an email when the pre-order opens.
  13. JL Rotopax Mount - "Adventure Caddie"

    The Adventure Caddie will be available for pre-order with the license plate mount (incl. camera and third brake light) only. I don't have a release date on a version without the license plate option. Pricing WITH a 10% discount for this forum is $248 USD. Use discount code JLFORUM10. Price may...
  14. JL Rotopax Mount - "Adventure Caddie"

    No worries. It's a big thread by now. Both of those would be too thick for the license plate mount to fit, but that can be fixed easily. With that being said, the 3G rotopax would fit in the normal configuration and I could add additional mounting points for the 4.5G to be mounted horizontal...
  15. JL Rotopax Mount - "Adventure Caddie"

    Happy to say that the new parts came out perfect. The revised license plate bracket has press fit ABS parts now. Its solid, and I'm happy with the design. There is nothing really more to test, I am going to call this product complete for order. I will make another post with the pricing...
  16. JL Rotopax Mount - "Adventure Caddie"

    Your looks fine, good contact with the bump stop. If your tire and wheel setup is light, that helps too.
  17. JL Rotopax Mount - "Adventure Caddie"

    Yeah, with a less backspace, the tire comes further out from the tailgate creating extra leverage. This is a picture of my tailgate bumpstops for reference. The caddie can be torqued tight up against the tire and will eliminate any movement, except for the movement associated with the rotopax...
  18. JL Rotopax Mount - "Adventure Caddie"

    Pre-order coming pretty soon. Had to work out a few adjustments with the new license plate mount, because it's added cost. Also a few minor adjustments for the gussets to get a better plug weld. I've tested the unit on the oversized spare tire carrier. The caddie is solid so I am not concerned...
  19. JL Rotopax Mount - "Adventure Caddie"

    Here is a pic with the tailgate fully open. And the updated design from the back (was just testing the caddie, so the license plate/third brake light and camera mount is removed on this photo).
  20. JL Rotopax Mount - "Adventure Caddie"

    I guess at the end of the day, a good price is what people are willing to pay. We don't know how much R&D time they put into the product or the overhead costs they need to absorb but we can appreciate the product for what it is and those who use it! At the end of the day the market needs...