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  1. Canada - Ontario SOLD Mopar Steel bumpers and fogs

    Sent you a pm.. I have a pair.
  2. Utah EVO front and rear shock extensions.

    Yes, haven’t been sold yet.
  3. Utah FS- Led Fender Lights.

    Lights have been sold.
  4. Utah EVO front and rear shock extensions.

    I do not know the answer to that and it does not state that in the description. It just states “lifted Jeep”. I used them with a 2.5 min inch lift.
  5. Utah FS- Led Fender Lights.

    Came off my Rubicon. From what I can tell is that they should work in a Sahara or Rubicon but we need to make sure before doing the deal. I don’t want to sell them and not have them work for you. The lights are in perfect shape and include the wiring harness from the light to the first plug.
  6. Utah FS- Led Fender Lights.

    Yea I would feel bad if they didn’t work for you..
  7. Utah FS- Led Fender Lights.

    The sports do not have the LED option so the wiring harness is different. I’ve seen post that said you can buy a new harness and get it flashed by the dealer.
  8. Utah EVO front and rear shock extensions.

    Front and Rear shock extensions power coated to match ocean blue. Had them on about 2 months before the falcon shocks came out. 100 shipped or 80 local to Utah.
  9. Utah FS- Led Fender Lights.

    Selling my LED fender lights. 250 shipped or 230 for local pick up. I am located in Saratoga Springs, Utah.
  10. JLWF Photograph of the Month Contest - November 2018

    Just me driving. Family wasn’t there or I may have not tried this obstacle. Haha I went back and forth between the JL or the JT but it came down to rock crawling. The JL seemed like the better choice for me.
  11. JLWF Photograph of the Month Contest - November 2018

    Felt a little tippy on this one. Taken at Sand Hallow state park in Utah during Trail Hero. First attempt last year in my JK I didn’t make it. Had a better line this year and my sweet JL.
  12. LOD sliders with Belly Pans?

    Yea I tried for a different question about 3 months ago. Never got a reply.
  13. LOD sliders with Belly Pans?

    Got this from Northridge who has installed both. They didn’t modify the slider just added a spacer in the body mount.
  14. LOD sliders with Belly Pans?

    Would that make weak points and cause potential integrity issues?
  15. LOD sliders with Belly Pans?

    Wonder of it would be better to loosen the gas pan and put the slider under and get longer bolts. This way the belly pan is still flat. Never mind not flat in that location. But would be at a different height then the otherside.
  16. LOD sliders with Belly Pans?

    Thanks.. should have searched this before posting.
  17. LOD sliders with Belly Pans?

    Did you happen to ask about installation? Did they suggest installing the belly pan over the slider brackets or the brackets over the belly pan?
  18. LOD sliders with Belly Pans?

    So looking to see if someone has the LOD sliders installed with a belly pan. I have the Artec belly pan installed and my sliders are set to arrive Thursday. I was watching a install video and starting to question if I will run into a compatibility problem based on how it mounts to the frame.