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    Thank you, the pink and the orange wires are a solid colour. No trace of any colour. I'm going to go with pink. I found a chart hear in the forum that showed the wires. Unfortunately it goes against what the manual says. It mixes the colours up for six 3 and wire 5. Thanks again. I'm finishing...
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    So the pink under my thumb in the picture is the ignition. Thanks so much.
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    Here is the diagram I'm using.
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    Hi Benny, I have located my factory installed interior aux switch wires. The problem I have is that the wire colour coding. I have a solid orange no pink strip and a solid pink no orange stripe. Would you know which one is the ignition and which one is aux 3.
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    This may help you for the ground. Pulling that plastic piece off is tricky and it breaks if not careful. I'm looking for an easier ground. If not, then it's going there. Watch a bit to where he pulls the panel off. Best video I have seen so far. 2018-2020 Jeep Wrangler JL Gains More Accessory...
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    Now I have to find a ground. I need to know the size of nut the passenger side ground bolts are. I'm hoping I can put another bolt on it to ad my dash cam ground.
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    Found them, they where wrapped with another bunch of wires. Above the left back top side of the passenger side feet. They had been doubled over and going behind the center console. I pulled the wires I had seen gentley. I finally thought that if I can seperate the 2 wires pull and the wires...
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    Probably, but there are conflicting places on where they are. Pulling looms is not a good idea. I guess a trip to the dealership to be certain. Something so simple is taking hours to find.
  9. Factory installed aux switches interior wire location unknown

    Thanks, I'm going to look for that sticker. Hopefully that will guide me. The side kick panel doesnt have to come off then?
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  11. Factory installed aux switches interior wire location unknown

    I'm looking for my interior aux switch wires for my 2020 JLU
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    Hi, there are 2 sets. One set near the battery and the fender. The second set is in the interior passenger side. I'm not sure if its above the feet or on the side. The interior includes 4 aux wires and 1 battery 1 accessory. You cant use the same wire twice. So if you use aux 1 under the hood...
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    Hi Benny, I have a 2020 JLU with the factory auxilary switches. I can not find the interior 4 wires for the auxilary switches and the 1 accessory 1 battery wire. I have read under the dash behind glove box. I can feel 2 thick looms
  14. Has anyone installed the Mopar Trailer Brake Controller?

    Add it to your purchase installed, let the dealership figure it out. I had my 2020 JLU in the shop 2 weeks ago and its finally working. There are various reasons, but you maybe fine seeing it's a 2021.
  15. Has anyone installed the Mopar Trailer Brake Controller?

    Thanks for the reply, I connected a Curt tester and the lights still did not turn on. I will have to try an actual trailer I guess.
  16. Has anyone installed the Mopar Trailer Brake Controller?

    Thanks, got the tsb installed. Now I am wondering ae there any lights on the Mopar controller. It use to show the numbers in red. I might have a defective one.
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    Thank you Benny, Dealership applied the TSB to my Jeep. Everything looks like it's working. No dash lights when the manual brake on the controller is pushed. I have a Curt 7 pin connector I am going to plug in to see for my own piece of mind that the controller is working. The Service Manager...