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  1. Smittybilt JL HD Pivot Tire Carrier (7743) - Install / Review / Comments

    This is out of stock everywhere... anyone got a link for a website that have this in stock?
  2. Will the 4xe be unusable in hot weather?!

    Damn, and i thought it would be nice to have this over the 392.. here in Kuwait 131°F (55°C) is average temps during 6 months of the year. i guess jeep is not gonna send the 4xe to the middle east.
  3. Anyone removed/replaced door armrests?

    Front + Rear doors are exactly the same on both Gladiator and Wrangler, that's why the gladiators rear door looks odd.. although depending on options (leather, stitching, base model) are different. Also: Mojave Front seats + steering wheel are different than all others. Gladiator Rear Seats are...
  4. Becoming too much of a Jeep guy, too quick.

    I gotta say.. you and me are very similar.. i started the jeep thing with an XJ and have a 2012 boss302 mustang which i rarely drive.. basically lost interest in it after i got the JL. a perfect combo would be a classic car (67 - 69 Mustang for me) & a modern wrangler.
  5. Does windshield protection film work?

    This is a must where i live (Kuwait).. we have extremely horrible roads. you get bombed with all kinds of rocks on the highway. it's so bad sometimes that even side windows get rock-chips. i have been running windshield protection film on my jeep for 2 years now and i have zero rock-chips ...
  6. Oily residue on drivers side of engine... normal???

    i just noticed the same on my Jeep (2019 JLUR) ... i was wondering if this is a common issue. can you guys give an update about this.. did the o rings fix the leaking?
  7. any value?

    some JK owners upgrade to JL hood latches. great upgrade for them.
  8. Body color painting mirrors, hood vents, handles, all black plastic on JLUR.

    Even painted the antenna 😳 that a bit too much paint matching... the door handles are nice looking though.
  9. KC HiLites vs Baja Designs

    I personally love BD, the quality of the lights is amazing and the looks of the products is great. They are pricey BUT definitely worth the money. and sometimes their website is not clear if parts are in stock or not and you end up waiting a long time to get your order but it is understandable...
  10. Has anybody ever regretted buying a Wrangler?

    it's not road friendly, it's overpriced (Fully Loaded JLUR), it's not fuel efficient (3.6L), i got too many recalls (early 2019 Model) i keep modding it all the time and spend all my money on it. BUT i enjoy taking it offroad and beating the living crap out of it and it just takes it like a...
  11. Recall W53 / Non-US spec Wranglers

    I went to the dealership again to check with the recalls/warranty manager, he explained to me the same. and also parts are still not available. :headbang:
  12. Upgrading Brakes - JLUR ( Calipers / Rotors / Pads / Lines )

    Thanks for the replies guys! it seems i will go with the power stop pads. Not gonna get the cross drilled and slotted rotors though, i've tried them on my track mustang and they crack and collect more pad dust than normal. i know i'm not tracking the jeep but i assume the same would happen with...
  13. Upgrading Brakes - JLUR ( Calipers / Rotors / Pads / Lines )

    I have been thinking of upgrading my brakes to something better than stock, curios to know what you guys are running and how are you liking it.
  14. ROKBLOKZ mud flaps, any good?

    I have the regular size option, they do a great job keeping the jeep clean, but i switched to 35" recently and started getting muddy on the rear doors only.. i've been running them for a year and no issues at all. highly recommend them. i never remove them while offroading and they take alot of...
  15. What else do you drive?

    Daily/Beater is a 98 Cherokee Sport 2019 Rubicon Wrangler is the fun/occasions/overlanding vehicle 2012 Boss 302 is the track toy (i dont drive it on the street because where i live it's got many illegal mods)
  16. Need Trim Part Number

    Remove the part, check the back.. most oem parts have the part numbers on them either a sticker or embossed in the plastic
  17. Recall W53 / Non-US spec Wranglers

    Did anyone from outside the USA do this recall? what is it exactly i can't find any info about it on Mopars website. they say it's steering wiring harness or something. local dealership don't have the parts yet.
  18. Why is a Sahara taller than my Rubicon?

    i'm gonna guess it's a combination of the following: -Rubicon got 17" wheels vs 18" on Sahara. -Rubicon got heavier steel bumpers vs plastic on Sahara. -Winch + lights + stock LED headlights (minor difference but it does count). -3.6 is heavier than the 2.0 on the sahara. if this is bothering...