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  1. 2018 JL PROBLEMS

    Which reminds me I gotta negotiate a free loaner in the deal.
  2. 2019 Wrangler Lease

    If you have Tier-1 credit then you should have gotten .00209 or at least that's what it was in October. Of course a greedy dealer can and will mark up MF. It's another component of a lease negotiations.
  3. 2019 Wrangler Lease

    And almost always those leases are not based on the price at invoice or below.
  4. 2019 Residuals (Jeep JL Wrangler) Just Came Out-- and they are weak

    I wouldn't take dealer's word for anything as far as monthly payment quotes Need to know Residual and Money Factor for a particular model and we can calculate the monthly payment.
  5. JL in Europe

    Forget that, it's not even worth 50K that's why everyone is getting 5% under invoice . For that kinda money get a Gellen or LC/LX
  6. Auto climate control not as effective in the cold

    So now I have to worry about a MF climate control? I've had those in all my cars for the past 15 + years , you set it and forget it. So now that also half-ass works in a Wrangler? What else is wrong with JL? I've never read about so many headaches and such trivial shit that doesn't work on JL...
  7. Moab delivery checklist

    If Moab was available with 6MT I'd be getting a Moab instead of fully loaded Sahara. I want front steel bumper and those wheels/tires. The rest is configured basically the same way as Sahara I'm getting
  8. Power Soft Top Available to Order 6/7! [UPDATE: OPEN NOW and First Confirmed Order!]

    Agreed, I'm 6'3 and can't see the top of the guage cluster. Was designed for midgets, lol
  9. Leasing a Rubicon

    It's all in the money factor. Although Wrangler has really high residuals especially with a Sport and Sport S, the money factor is ridiculous compared to the examples you've mentioned. For instance a C-class MB money factor right now is about 0.00047 which multiplied by 2400 to convert to an...
  10. Sahara or Sport S

    I'm actually going to attempt to retrofit them on my upcoming Sahara. I can't stand open tire tread look
  11. 2019 Sahara: Selec-Trac with Manual?

    It would be a game changer that would make me cancel my order for 2019 Sahara and re-order. Was told it wasn't an option and now it looks like it could be. 6MT + LSD + FT4WD would be amazing.
  12. The clutch gang!

    How true. Pretty soon MT will be the best security system with playstation generation
  13. Who doesn't enjoy a v8?

    V8 in a Wrangler would be sick. Maybe one day. Although the v6 Sahara with 6MT is quite peppy for a daily driver
  14. Advanced Safety Group not avail on Sport

    Nope. Keeping the order. Super excited to get my first Wrangler. Switched to a lease though as I have no confidence post warranty period
  15. Advanced Safety Group not avail on Sport

    Exactly, if the most reliable cars in the world are having teething issues with new tech like ACC then no way I would trust an FCA product full of Chinese components and after reading this forum with all the problems JL has
  16. Advanced Safety Group not avail on Sport

    I'm sorry but the current reliability issues I sure as shit would not trust ACC with my life. No way
  17. 2019 Model Year Jeep JL production has begun today

    No you're not alone on this. I completely agree. Again with the Kool Aid excuse making for FCA. Every normal import has updated for 2019. Can you build and order 2018? No! FCA - fix the damn configurator.
  18. Brand new Rubicon broke down within 1 hour after delivery

    I love this googling and linking other manufacturers examples how they also break. This is just silly. There has never been a Toyota or a Lexus with so many problems, stop googling
  19. Brand new Rubicon broke down within 1 hour after delivery

    FCA doesn't seem to care because of this blind irrational loyal following Wrangler has. Any other car would be already all over the news and proclaimed not safe for public roads . With Wrangler it doesn't matter, as long as the fenders fit some redneck 40" tractor tires