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  1. 1 month with the Wrangler 4XE

    Been loving my 4XE, and have pretty much the same thoughts, my backup camera either loses the lines or totally does not work at all. Do wish it had a little more range, but still very happy with the 4XE, excited to take it on a more serious off road trail and see how it does. Only regret was not...
  2. Lightsout 4xe Build

    The coil spacer is .75 inches. still debating If will install the rear or just the front.
  3. EVE: 4XE Build

    How much louder is the tire noise?
  4. EVE: 4XE Build

    Looks so good! just installed the bumpers and winch on my 4xe, waiting on the level kit and tires now. how does it drive now?/////
  5. Dovahkiin - 2018 Billet Silver JLU Sport S

    can't wait to see the build!
  6. Lightsout 4xe Build

    Installed my Quadratec QRC stubby Bumper and badlands 12k winch. As well as my A pillar pods and 4" led cubes. Waiting for my leveling kit and Nitto Terra Grapplers in 295/60/20. The QRC bumper looks good but was over 6 hour install due to not so perfect fitment and the most ass backward fog...
  7. Lightsout 4xe Build

    I ordered the exact same adapter and it does not work, gives me an error message and flashes blue. any ideas?
  8. 4xe vs Ecodiesel... Help me decide!

    I went with 4XE, the power is great, the standard equipment is great, and just cruising around in complete silence and electric mode is very relaxing and easy when you need it to be. plus with a level 2 charge it'll charge in 2.5 hours. I am happy with my choice, my other option was a diesel as...
  9. 4xe Lift Kit?

    Is it true that 4XE sahara is about half an inch or an inch higher than the regular sahara? It looks like it is, but can not find any info on it. I ordered a .75 inch spacer lift and want to install 295/60/20 Terra Grappler G2's on the stock 20 inch rims, will I run into any issues?
  10. Wrangler 392 Runs 12's In The 1/4 Mile STOCK!!!

    That is pretty nuts, My MKV supra runs 12.0 stock... and this is a freaking wrangler
  11. Anyone put larger tires and new wheels on a 4xE Sahara yet?

    also have a 4xe sahara and want to see this as well
  12. HIGH ALTITUDE Edition JL Club Thread

    Hey guys, looking at possibly putting a set of 33" on my 4XE. I have the black 20"s rn with the Duellers, so 275/55/r20, I found a possible deal on a set of Nitto Terra Grappler G2's in 295/60/R20. Will these fit safely on the stock wheels? I don't plan on lifting or doing spacers and don't want...
  13. New York For Sale Air Lift 1000;

    Have any other parts for sale?
  14. Arizona SOLD - FS - 2021 Rubicon Suspension Takeoff - $200

    Just picked up a 4xe sahara, looks a little higher than a regular sahara, would the rubi suspension fit properly? how much do you think it would raise the truck?