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  1. Rear Suspension Squeak

    I started to have the same noise. Seems to happen during the first 10 minutes of driving. I'm thinking it's the rear shocks. I can push on the rear bumper and sometimes make the sound.
  2. My Diesel Mileage Sucks

    2021 diesel jl all stock. Coming from Idaho to California after the purchase 28-29 mpg. 22 around town. After the winch and stubble bumper, I think those numbers have dropped a little. I’ve been running the tire pressure at 37 all around. (Might be a little high) Not sure why your mpg is so...
  3. Post Your 3.0 Pics

    White Rubi stock suspension
  4. Baja Designs SAE squadron fog problems

    I sent the light in and they sent the same light back to me. I’m assuming nothing was wrong with the light as you suspected, however there wasn’t any enclosed note. They did supply an anti flicker wiring harness. I installed the harness and all is working properly including the ability to use...
  5. California Factory LED fog lights

    Selling the factory LED fog lights from 2021 JL Wrangler with plastic front bumper. These are like new with only 1000 miles on the odometer. $120 shipped to lower 48.
  6. Baja Designs SAE squadron fog problems

    FYI. I was misinformed about your anti flicker harness and using the factory on/off switch.
  7. Baja Designs SAE squadron fog problems

    Thanks I will post an update. Regards,
  8. Baja Designs SAE squadron fog problems

    yes I agree that I seems my computer is sensitive to the flicker of the light, however I’m only interested in using my factory fog switch. I was told that the anti flicker switch deletes that as an option. Only one of the lights has an issue with the computer. I want to exchange that light only...
  9. Baja Designs SAE squadron fog problems

    HeftyFabworks. Easy to install. Winch install after bumper makes it easy to do by yourself.
  10. Baja Designs SAE squadron fog problems

    I did hook the light directly to the battery and it works fine. The issue is the jeeps computer doesn’t like this light. It doesn’t matter if it is on the left or right side, the computer will turn that 12v circuit off (left or right)and I have to turn the Jeep off and back on to reset that circuit.
  11. Baja Designs SAE squadron fog problems

    Thanks for replying back to this question so fast. It really shows your customer support. The factory fog lights that I removed were LED. Do I still have to flash the ECU? Also, the custom wiring harness is identical to the factory harness. The factory plug has two hot (orange and yellow) for...
  12. Baja Designs SAE squadron fog problems

    Why wouldn’t this work
  13. Baja Designs SAE squadron fog problems

    I wonder if I put all hots together instead of them being separated would make a difference.
  14. Baja Designs SAE squadron fog problems

    So I pulled out the 12volt test light and tested the factory plug (where the bumper harness plugs into)and the left side hot does go out when both fog lights are plugged in. Why is the Jeep turning the left side off and then resetting it?
  15. Baja Designs SAE squadron fog problems

    Thanks. I will call them this week.
  16. Baja Designs SAE squadron fog problems

    I installed these on a 2021 JL to replace the factory led fog lights. When I on turn the fog lights (from factory switch) they both come on but one side will turn off after a second. I have checked and there isn’t a short or loose wire. It is like there is to much draw and a fuse will...
  17. Washington MOPAR BEADLOCK WHEELS 17x8 & 37" KM3 Tires

    Would you recommend buying these wheels as I don't know why you sold them.
  18. California WTB front JL OEM steel bumper

    If your upgrading and want to sell OEM steel bumper let me know. Jeff