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  1. Any dirt roads for a beginner in So Cal?

    Those are all good choices for when we officially start our beginner off roading and driving 2+ hours out from where we live to go try. But was hoping to find a dirt road or so between the 405 and 5, around there to quickly take on just to get a newbie feel to driving on dirt
  2. Any dirt roads for a beginner in So Cal?

    First time Jeeper, should be getting my Rubicon 4xe this week. Bought it for a variety of reasons, and the interest to go off roading is one. Never been before, but am interested. Don't want to do anything crazy at first, where I need a winch (don't have one), but just drive around kicking up...
  3. Lightsout 4xe Build

    Are you having issues with it? Everyone else seems to say that none of the adapters work and in some cases cause a CEL issue.
  4. 4xe Lift Kit?

    Having dealer install the Mopar kit as soon as 4xe arrives, looking to be this week. Can't wait to see it
  5. LED or HD interior bulbs for 4xe

    Let me clarify, with a blueish tint?
  6. LED or HD interior bulbs for 4xe

    Been looking around to replace the factory interior bulbs to LED or HD but haven't found anything. Anyone did this yet?
  7. 2021 Rubicon 4xE with Aries Powered Running Boards

    Interesting. Wonder if the wiring on these is less complicated than the AMP Research Power boards. Both dealer and 4wp said they can't install it yet on the 4xe because it's not yet officially approved by AMP so there are liability concerns with messing with the wiring. They said to check back...
  8. 4xe Check Engine Light Issue

    So are you all having this problem with level 2 chargers or also with the factory level 1
  9. 4xe Check Engine Light Issue

    So is this CEL light due to the gas cap issues? And is the vehicle put in limp mode? Or it's driving fine but the light is on?
  10. 1.5” Spacers on JL

    But these issues only would happen if they go off road right? Shouldn't be a problem for regular daily driving?
  11. 4xe tuning?

    I agree that was the monster I thought I was ordering but after I placed my order then all the reviews came in and became clear it's almost like two different drive modes and that you only get half the horses and torque most of the time
  12. 4xe speedometer calibration

    "– Can use backup camera and added cargo/front/undercarriage camera or media player at any speed" Saw this on the website. Does this mean if we hook up a DVD player we can play a DVD while driving? I would never do that, however out of curiosity can this be done?
  13. Sky One Touch, Headliner, Noise and Heat Reduction.

    Ah I get it now. I watched the install video so now it all makes sense. This is a pretty cool idea. Aside from insulation improvement it also looks so much better inside with that nice and clean look, like a normal inside. I'm curious about the wind noise, was this made to also reduce that...
  14. Sky One Touch, Headliner, Noise and Heat Reduction.

    I'm trying to understand how this works. It's a bar that attaches to the bottom of the sky touch? And with it on it keeps the weight down so air doesn't escape from the sides?
  15. 4xe speedometer calibration

    OK cool, so either way I can buy it now and then get the 4xe update later?
  16. Rubicon 4xe battery trim removed

    Damn that sucks. Well thank you for checking it out. Guess I can't go AMP Research and will have to stick to dealer approved power rails.
  17. 4xe speedometer calibration

    Nice. So does that mean I can just buy a Tazer now and that when you complete your updates, it will get updates over the air? Or don't buy now and wait until you're done incase it requires a hardware update?
  18. Rubicon 4xe battery trim removed

    Wait what do you mean? I've been trying to get my dealer to install AMP research power rails but he keeps saying he doesn't know if it will work and that the only one approved for 4xe is the rock engineering rails. Says something about the wiring. What have you seen is the issue here? In looking...
  19. Rubicon 4xe battery trim removed

    I read that as the battery trim was removed from the jeep site like they weren't making 4xe anymore. Lol
  20. 4xe mods -- what works/doesn't work from regular JL's?

    Does anyone know if the AMP Research Power Steps will fit? They have them for the JLUR but dealer saying not sure if same model will fit on 4xe due to wiring issues so he has to check with his AMP rep