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  1. Rattling upon acceleration

    Went to the dealer yesterday and it wasnt making the sound... To me it really sounds like thin metal rattling. It did however do it on saturday when it was 80 degrees out, and it appears so far to mainly happen when its hot out and/or the jeep has been working hard; that mixed with the...
  2. Rattling upon acceleration

    I'm currently experiencing the exact same issue as everyone else on this thread. it has been getting louder and more constant lately and sounds horrendous. Taking mine in on monday to have it checked out, but from what I've read it doesnt seem to be resolvable.... This SUCKS
  3. Any first time Unlimited owners regret not getting JK?

    No way! traded in my 15 JK and I couldnt be happier with the JL. Makes my JK feel like it was a 2008...
  4. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    We installed a ceramic quartz sealant to the paint while its brand new and installed some generic side steps.
  5. Biker Gang Uses Chipped Keys to Target Jeep Wranglers

    so basically just cover up the vin on your dash, park in a garage, and you just lowered the odds of getting your jeep stolen significantly. noted.
  6. Two Rubicon Questions... on-road performance and soft top

    I had a 15 JK sport (60k miles) with bilstein shocks and stiffer springs, which made it much better than stock, and now have a JL rubi and it blows my JK out of the water as far as handling and ride. I've never driven a sahara so i cant make a comparison there, but i dont mind the stiff...
  7. Get Ready For This: JD Powers Initial Quality Survey Ranks Jeep Equal to Toyota

    compared to my 15 JK, the JL is much better quality! The brakes, suspension, tires, fit and finish of the interior are all WAY better than my JK. My JK felt like it was still stuck in 2007...
  8. Ipod not auto detected when starting up....

    turns out it was my ipod going to sleep. didnt happen in my JK so threw me off.
  9. JL Air Conditioning Noise

    noticed the same, but now that I think about it the AC does get cold quick! the JK I had before didnt do that.
  10. Post your positive uplifting new ownership experiences

    LED lights are money and look amazing. Suspension and brakes and tires on the rubi are tiptop. uconnect is sooo much better than my 2015 JK.
  11. Ipod not auto detected when starting up....

    When I first start up my vehicle (after its been sitting a while/over night), it does not auto detect my ipod plugged in. I have to unplug it and re-plug it in to be detected. If the vehicle has only been shut off for a short time (running into a store), it will auto detect it no problem...
  12. Ordered three months ago... Delivered to dealer Friday. They sold it to SOMEONE ELSE on Saturday!

    Dude! I got mine last week and I lost sleep one night worrying this would happen when my salesman said he was off the day if got unloaded from the rail. I feel for you 100%. My opinion... is you let these guys make it right. IF you go somewhere else (which i get), you are starting all over. If...
  13. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Halos are always on for mine
  14. UConnect Health Status showing system failure

    no insight, but I am curious about the app. just looked at it in the ios store and the only review said its a phone battery killer. how long have you been using it? sounds like a cool feature.
  15. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    That looks really good. what exact color plasti dip did you use for the bumper?
  16. Now getting frustrated!!!!!!

    My salesman text me the other day saying it was in wyoming. then yesterday showed me a screen shot of it being in idaho (en route to WA), but when I called Jeep to confirm they said it hasnt shipped.... so confusing.
  17. What options are worth it?

    Value is perception. Personally, LED's are worth it because aftermarket headlights (in my experience), end up burning out faster or have issues, or never look quite right. fiance wanted heated seats, so if shes happy, that is valuable. And infotainment since for an extra 150$ you get a bigger...
  18. What do you use to take your Jeep hard top off

    I see some people run the straps front to back, but we decided against that due to warping the weather stripping on the rear window. The hinges for the rear window work well and are solid. Just have to pop the plastic covers off. I just leave them off all summer. Lower the frame down onto the...
  19. What do you use to take your Jeep hard top off

    I'll take another pic tonight. we built an H frame that the straps hook to and bought a hand crank winch that connects to the H frame, goes up into the attic,across two pulleys on a board, and down thru the ceiling to the h frame. that way i dont have to loosen any straps except for when the top...