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  1. All Terrain vs Mud Terrain vs Rough Terrain

    We have a Sport S. A co worker recently bought a 2018 JK Willys. He is going to do a lift and wheels and tires soon. He will sell me his take offs. I'm thinking about it mainly for the looks of the tires and the black wheels. I'm not sure about the Mud Terrain tires for the same reasons...
  2. Soft Top - Stream of water when opening door during rain?

    Carry a set of ramps in the back to park on. You may already have a set if you do your own oil change.. Or, buy a Mopar lift kit and only install on the front.
  3. A few first time new wrangler owner questions.

    The blower idea works pretty good. I use a Dewalt 20V.. so no need to plug it in.. I use it for fun sometimes. But on the other hand, if the snow is light enough for the blower to work, it will blow off while driving a short distance..
  4. Wrangler vs gladiator

    Same here with 2 door and rear seat removed. We have 2 Labs.
  5. Wrangler vs gladiator

    I have a Ram 1500 EcoDiesel and a JL 2 door Sport S with manual. Best of both worlds for our lifestyle.
  6. WHY did you BUY your JL?

    We have looked at Jeeps several times through the years. We loved the idea of owning one, but never really liked how they drove and rode.. That was until the JL. We actually hadn't driven one but ordered it last January based on reviews. My wife drives it primarily. It is a 2 door, manual with...
  7. JL won't let me disable auto seat/steering wheel heat

    We have a manual trans JL also so no remote start. I hate this behaviour too. I would like to decide when the heated seats and wheel turn on.. I have my Ram set to turn them on when remote start which is perfect. This was very easy to change in the Settings menu. The JL is not a cheap vehicle...
  8. To Kill 12v Power to the JL/JLU

    interesting stuff regarding the JL electrical system. In the firefighting world, it has been common practice to disconnect the battery in the case of a vehicle crash. This is to prevent an air bag going off while a patient is being attended to and to prevent cutting into live wires. Hybrids are...
  9. LSD and brake anti slip

    I was just reading another thread where the OP was asking about the LSD. It brought me to my own questions. Our 2 door Sport S does have the LS rear differential. Does brake anti slip work somehow in conjunction with the Anti Slip diff? Does the brake anti slip still work on the front? I'm...
  10. Performance in winter, no lsd

    My wife ordered her 2 door Sport S equipped as she wanted, which was standard except for Cold Weather. The only option I insisted on was LSD. My 2 trucks ago RAM did not have LSD. I had to put it in 4WD every time there was 3 inches of snow. And also, for the better tires.
  11. 2 Door Auto or Manual???

    Same here.. I have the 8 spd in my 2015 EcoDiesel and love it. My wife's new 2 dr JL is a manual. She hates automatics. I get best of both worlds.
  12. Rear Seat Storage Bag Solution

    I just checked the ( Canadian ) site. They have the same item but it is $54.77 ! WTF? I'm pretty sure the exchange rate isn't 500% right now.
  13. Driving with no back window

    I'm not concerned about CO building up to a dangerous level at all.. ( see my avatar ) CO exposure depends on concentration and amount of exposure time. As long as you are outside no worries. I drive with the top up and rear window out often..
  14. Cargo Liner

    Yes I saw this too. They don't show a model for the new JL 2 door. I emailed them to ask if the liner for the JK will fit. I haven't received a reply yet.
  15. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    I haven't been on this thread for a while since my wife got her Jeep.. We have been enjoying it for 3 weeks now. And our dogs like it too. Just want to offer encouragement to those waiting.. Ours took 5 months. It is worth it.
  16. Cargo Liner

    Thank's . I have seen this product. Unfortunately they don't make it for the 2 door.
  17. Cargo Liner

    My dogs love riding in my wife's Jeep. The problem is the dog hair all over the cargo area. Shouldn't be a big deal just vacuum. However the material holds dog hair more than any vehicle we have ever had and is extra hard to clean up. I consider just removing the carpet but there are are exposed...
  18. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    I noticed also that no locking nut on the spare. Fortunately I had a new surplus set from my Ram. When I got it there were locking nuts on the wheels and I also found a new set still in the bag in the glove box. I used one of them. Only thing is I need 2 " keys ". Not to big a deal.
  19. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    You remove 2 Torx bolts. Also disengage the support arm from the top rail. Easy to remove . It is better with 2 people to lift it off.