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  1. Overland Trailer

    I'd consider something besides the smittybuilt, at least untill they do a major redesign. On various groups I've been following, I have seen three failures at the same point, one of them I have attached. I am also in the market for a trailer in around the same price point, and right now I am...
  2. Turbo on every rubicon on dealer lot

    You are half right. In a normal engine, say the 3.6, which has lower cylinder pressures, going up in octane won't do a thing except lighten your wallet. In a turbo or high performance engine where pressures are much higher, either a higher octane fuel or a change in timing is needed. So in...
  3. Superchips 2.0L Turbo Tune Development & Feedback

    48v voltmeter 48v battery charge A/F Boost maybe?
  4. Yet more 48v questions

    Any idea how many amps the PPU can output on the 12v side?
  5. Yet more 48v questions

    I like this discussion! Anyone want to install a dead battery or drain their 12v battery to test this theory? I'm intrigued. Also as far as I can tell, I'm finding no reference to a 48v gauge or even a charge indicator for the 48v battery, does this check out from everyone's experience? I...
  6. Turbo on every rubicon on dealer lot

    What I'm most surprised about on this thread is the apparent dislike on the new engine. Yes, it has added complexity, but so does pretty much any new powerplant. Turbo? I don't see many knocking the 3.0. BSG? I'm half willing to bet it's Q.A. and build standards are higher than a typical...
  7. Turbo on every rubicon on dealer lot

    Shamelessly snagged from the turbo section... 87 required, 91 recommended. If you want to use 87 on the turbo, you'll be just fine. If you want that little extra power and mpg, go for it.
  8. Turbo on every rubicon on dealer lot

    Prob around 20ish, but as usual, depends on your foot. Check out the turbo section and there are a few posts discussing mpg on both 87 and 91.
  9. Turbo on every rubicon on dealer lot

    Haven't heard of any pinging myself, but even the manual has the required 87, recommended 91 in it. Computer seems to do a fine job dialing back the timing to compensate. Of course it also means slightly less power and economy when running the cheap stuff, but that's a trade off.
  10. Turbo on every rubicon on dealer lot

    Recommend yes, required, no. Runs just fine on 87, just runs better with 91.
  11. How can I tell if my Sahara has the limited slip rear axle?

    Build sheet/sticker should say DSA Anti Spin Differential Rear Axle.
  12. Yet more 48v questions

    Greetings! So a conventional vehicle has an alternator to keep things happy, but the 2.0 swaps this out with the BSG and the 48V system. Now that it has been out for awhile, are there any issues or concerns with powering extras? Winch, fridge, extra lighting, trailer, etc. Can the 48v-12v...
  13. BSG and the Trailer tow and HD electrical group

    I dont recall this being asked before, so my apologies if it has. Looking over my build sheet, it appears there is no change in cost (795 dollars) in the Trailer Tow and HD electrical group package when ordering the 2.0. From my understanding, the alternator is replaced with the BSG...
  14. Any 2.0L Jeep Wrangler JL in sight for delivery?

    Thanks Yldman and Chicago! I am in South Korea for the next year and change, hoping things progress smoothly. It isn't too terrible out here, even have a Jeep club on base.
  15. Any 2.0L Jeep Wrangler JL in sight for delivery?

    It is through Military Auto Source, allows deployed folks to order a vehicle while deployed to pick up when they return. Hopefully I'll have a Punk'in 2.0 rubi waiting for me at home!
  16. Any 2.0L Jeep Wrangler JL in sight for delivery?

    I ordered a 19, after watching this thread I wonder if I'll be getting mine delivered with the rest of you!