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  1. WARN JL Rubicon Winch Mount Plate and Zeon 10-S Install

    I was able to install without modification on my steel bumper. Either way, it does work.
  2. How much weight added vs. MPG...2.0t specific

    I get 14-16 with mixed usage with no lift an 35" Nitto RGs and a winch in a JLUR 2.0 (19/BSG). I wouldn't sweat 13mpg with your setup. I can crack 18-20 on the highway if I keep it below 70, which is never in TX. A lot of people with the great mileage on 37s and lifts and a re-gear aren't...
  3. Windshield that won’t clean

    I see the OP removed it with vinegar, which indicates it's just hard water. Test your water post-softener, it sounds like it's not at 0 gpg of hardness. For others who are this and it's not easily removed with acids like vinegar, it may be silica, I have a softener plumbed to an outdoor faucet...
  4. Loud AC Cooling Fan Fix - TSB 18-041-18 Rev B Oct 16

    I realize this is futile, but many of us already have had the flash performed, and it seems like the issue is not fixed. My cooling fan is loud enough that it impacts conversations in the Jeep and people outside stare. This starts somewhere around 25mph if the temp outside is 90F+. The algorithm...
  5. Loud AC Cooling Fan Fix - TSB 18-041-18 Rev B Oct 16

    I have the same issue with a 2.0.
  6. Fix for Hot Air blowing every 30 min while A/C on?

    Find a new dealership. Your doc is dated 2018, this update is 2019. Clearly Jeep acknowledges the issue exists as they released an update for it. Why would you let them run you off with an old star case note from last year? Sounds like a shady dealership.
  7. Baja Designs LP9 video

    Did you tap into the DRLs? I'm curious how people are wiring these up, if you did, please snap a few photos and describe the process. Thanks!
  8. Psi reccomend on mud 35" mud terrain for daily driving

    32psi cold on my Nitto Ridge Grapplers (315s), which is 34-35 warm, is what Nitto told me to run when I provided them load info to use for calculations. I ran it for 7000 miles, and checked tread depth, wear is even across the tire. Much less and it gets squirmy, much more and it feels like I'm...
  9. AC blowing warm air fixed

    That's normal, the compressor is driven by the engine. This is a completely different issue.
  10. 2.0 Oil Change

    Which Femco valve did you use on your 2.0? Would you mind snapping a picture of it capped off so I can see how much it protrudes? I really appreciate it!
  11. 2.0 Turbo average MPGs

    '19 JLUR, 35" Nitto RG, Warn winch, no bumper caps. 16mpg computer average for mixed, maybe 17-18 highway at 70-75. This is 93 octane.
  12. 2020 2.0 difference.

    As noted in the other referenced thread, I've got 40+ hours of low speed off-road at off-road parks and haven't had any issues with the 2.0 with etorque. Only problem was winching without giving it a little gas, warning lights lit up that didn't impact anything. Same thing happened in my 3.6 JK...
  13. Dead battery and limp mode on trail

    I've got at least 40+ hours of low speed trail crawling at various off-road parks in a 2.0 with etorque. You just had a dud, the only time I had a problem was when I was winching without stepping on the gas. Got warnings but had no issues driving and they all cleared. Had this happen on my JK too.
  14. Loud AC Cooling Fan Fix - TSB 18-041-18 Rev B Oct 16

    Is the behavior I described what happened prior to your update? Thanks!
  15. Loud AC Cooling Fan Fix - TSB 18-041-18 Rev B Oct 16

    They supposedly installed the fix for the loud fan today on my 2019 JLUR. When I hit 30mph, and temperature outside is >=90F here in San Antonio, TX, the cooling fan still kicks up to high gear which is quite audible inside the cabin. Once I drop below 25mph or so, it dies back down, every time...
  16. Baja Designs LP9 install?

    On low, it's like stock headlights but with almost physics defying coverage of the front area. On high I have them aimed where there is light beyond where I can make out any detail. There's no need for spot unless you're desert running at night in something that is not a Jeep. You couldn't even...
  17. Need a good dealership in/around the San Antonio area

    Hi, I think I might have a pinhole leak in the heater core like many other have had happen (though, oddly, I don't really notice it with heat, only with AC, so it may be something else that smells very faintly sweet). Unfortunately, that means a complete dash removal, if it is a heater core...