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  1. Who actually uses A/C?

    AC is a must
  2. Debadging Problem

    I have found that some people debadge to hide what model they have. To me the badges or cool.
  3. Am I Crazy to want to keep Stock Wheels?

    I like my stock Rubicon rims. Can't see wasting money on after market. Ike buying rims twice. But each his own just me.
  4. Terrific Aftermarket Fob I came across

    Sorry bud but my Rubicon is stock 100% But again if or when I decide to get accessories it want be a key fob. Thanks
  5. Terrific Aftermarket Fob I came across

    Looks like a waste of 💰 money.
  6. Who actually uses A/C?

    Your right, but again I will man up and say I'm sorry but that was an interesting question.
  7. Who actually uses A/C?

    I do believe this is the most Pathetic thing I've heard. If you need to remove AC to be able to afford the Jeep dont purchase the vehicle. You will be miserable without AC and let's not talk resale.
  8. Stop/Start Not Ready-Battery Charging

    I resently had that issue I'm still under warranty and I took it in and they replaced (both batteries). They first tested the batteries and then put them on charge over night and they both failed so they replaced them. I ask the dealer how long before they both failed he said weeks when this...
  9. The new JL Rubicon, the ultimate mall crawler?!?

    As a daily driver it will probably never see mud. Unless my drive way has mud. Maybe if passing some roadwork. Its a STREET PRINCESS. And I'm good with that.
  10. JLUR - Plastic vs Steel Bumpers?

    Go with the steel bumpers if thats what you want, I have the steel and its great. But again thats what I wanted
  11. Are LED headlights worth $900?

  12. Post pics of your MUSCLE cars!

    The BMW Z has many mods. The Tesla is just fast.
  13. YouTube channel subscriptions

    If it was only about Jeeps I would be cool. But its not bashing is not Jeeping
  14. Cleaning Leather Seats

    I have the Tan seats in my JLUR AND White sets in my Tesla I use Dawn dishwashing detergent works great lint free cloth wet add a good amount of non bleach Dawn foam up the seat use another damp towel and remove then condition sets will last forever. Down is good for skin leather is skin.
  15. Are Yeti coolers worth the $$?

    Thats a stupid response. But again Tells alot about a person with a response like that. I'm a people person and just WOW very sad.
  16. Are Yeti coolers worth the $$?

    Yeti is way overrated
  17. Stop/Start Not Ready-Battery Charging

    My Rubicon is driven less than 5 miles every 2 weeks and start and stop says not ready no major issue. Once we drive it, it starts working mine is due sitting alot.
  18. JLUR Stolen: Help track it down!

    A stupid Wall waste of real tax payers money, who knows were it is. (#Drinkbleach its a cure.)
  19. Free stock rubicon rock rails.

    I have a free set also in San Antonio Tx