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  1. Sensor work around with doors off?

    It’s been a few months, any update on this bypass?
  2. H.E.R.O. Hood - TOTL Innovations

    I like the idea behind these hood features. Do you have images of the underside? Curious about the layout, heat shielding, etc. Thanks
  3. Giveaway of the Month - May 2019 - JL Wrangler True Dual Rate Lift Kit, Rocksport Edition

    Love the Metalcloak products and there's no doubt a lift would round out our awesome build. Sporting the MetalCloak lift and logo on Rhino would be an honor.
  4. JL Tube Doors are starting to trickle down from Mopar!

    The mirrors you ordered will not work. Mopar has not released any mounts for them and told Benny over at AllMoparParts that there is no plan to release them. SOLUTION: Jump over to Amazon or E-Bay and find a pair of convex 2" UTV Roll Bar mirrors. They'll mount up perfect and deal with the...
  5. No Mopar tube door mirrors expected, but there are solutions

    My wife and I love them. The 2" tubing matches the rock rails and stinger perfectly. The quality of the latches and hinges is, well... OEM quality. lol I think my only complaint is the bump-stops used to close the doors firmly and avoid rattling. I think they could have been places...
  6. No Mopar tube door mirrors expected, but there are solutions

    I read in another post that Zautomotive (TazerJL) is looking at a hardware attachment to the door plugs to provide all the options missing once you disconnect them. Hopefully there will be an option for a LED blind spot connection as well. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
  7. No Mopar tube door mirrors expected, but there are solutions

    The ones I went with that I'm very happy with: Chupacabra Offroad Rear View Side Mirror for UTV (Pack of 2) For 1.6" - 2" Roll Cage Bar Break Away w/Adjustable Arm - High Impact Shatter Proof Tempered Glass (Driver and Passenger Side)...
  8. No Mopar tube door mirrors expected, but there are solutions

    So far the locking nut hasn't been released. Personally I'm going to through the door bolts back in. It may not be "secure" but it will prevent someone from walking over and pulling the doors off with ease.
  9. No Mopar tube door mirrors expected, but there are solutions

    So now that the Mopar tube doors are hitting door steps across America, some of us are learning there’s a mirror issue. When I ordered my tube doors back in June 2018, I also ordered Mopar mirrors that specifically stated “for optional tube doors”. If you look at the featured green jeep decked...
  10. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Sorry it's been so long since I've posted, just crazy busy around here. Part of that "busy" has been the laundry list of upgrades and alterations to Rhinocon. So here is where we're at now. This is only missing the tube-door mirrors, but besides that it's up to date. The next upgrade is the...
  11. Where the heck are those Mopar tube doors?

    Hey IslandTees, what tool rack do you have on the back of your Jeep?
  12. Where the heck are those Mopar tube doors?

    Yes, watched a YouTube review on them and they adjust to different angled roll bars. Once they get here Thursday I’ll confirm they work or not.
  13. Where the heck are those Mopar tube doors?

    So here is a solution to the mirror debacle. Look for 2" UTV or Roll Cage clamp mirrors. I'll post pictures once mine get here and I have them installed.
  14. Maximus-3 JL Stinger Bar

    Anyone considering the Maximus-3 Stinger should just do it, you won't regret it. The supplied support brackets take a fairly secure stinger with minimal movement and turn it into a solid piece that feels like it's welded to the frame.
  15. Report: Towing Near Max Rating.

    Just chiming in here guys. When I ordered my Jeep I was hesitant due to towing (boat) and talked to an Engineer at FCA. I wanted to know if the towing capacity of the Diesel was going to be significantly more than the 3.6L. He told me the towing limitations on the Wrangler have nothing to do...
  16. Where the heck are those Mopar tube doors?

    Hey everyone. Like Pic18 I’ve finally gotten my tube doors in as well. I originally ordered the mirrors that specifically state they are for the tube doors as well. I have good news and I have bad news. GOOD: LOVE THESE DOORS. I’ve had Rugged Ridge and another brand (don’t remember) for my...
  17. Sensor work around with doors off?

    I'd really like these options for doors off. I live in the south and doors off 10 months of the year. So some of these options as a work-around would be great. I was half considering finding a wrecked JL, pull all the wiring door wiring then create my own wiring harness for the tube doors to...
  18. Where the heck are those Mopar tube doors?

    (doing happy dance) My doors are on their way!
  19. Scout Trooper 2 Door Build

    Hey guys, great Jeep irishtim7 and thanks for the info. So I'm curious, is anyone who's had the Mopar reinforced tailgate installed as part of the build have sagging issues? Mine came from the factory, so curious if I'll have the same issue or not. I know on the surface the reinforcement...
  20. Where the heck are those Mopar tube doors?

    So, I wonder if I tag and/or post to Benny every day about my tube doors will ship sooner? muahahaha!