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  1. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    Here’s video of the top dog Sasquatch Bronco climbing and descending at Moab.
  2. Tesla Cybertruck debuts tonight. Anyone been following?

    Posted same over at the Gladiator forum since it's a pickup but there may be some here that have been following its news/rumors like me since this is supposed to be a rugged heavy duty truck. Anyone been following the Tesla Cybertruck? Reveal is tonight. There's going to be a stream here...
  3. Looks Like Ford Bronco is Serious About Taking on the Wrangler

    2021 Bronco getting aluminum body. Link: Aluminum body Bronco revealed in union agreement document
  4. How do I turn off emails for alerts?

    You may need to go to your watched threads list (, unwatch each thread, then click watch again so you can get the option to watch the thread without receiving an email alert?
  5. How do I turn off emails for alerts?

    Go to your account preferences: And uncheck the first two boxes — Automatically Watch Threads and Receive Emails
  6. Stormtrooper Edition Jeep Wrangler coming?

    PHEV's still have exhausts though.
  7. Looks Like Ford Bronco is Serious About Taking on the Wrangler

    Woa a Bronco pickup might be going after the Gladiator?! > Ford patents removable top for (Bronco?) pickup aimed at Gladiator
  8. Looks Like Ford Bronco is Serious About Taking on the Wrangler

    I've been following the discussions at Bronco6G too just for curiosity sake. Some "insider" info just posted regarding the Bronco Raptor, and there won't be a base model (Wrangler Sport equivalent) apparently. Thread -...
  9. Report: Pentastar V6 may be replaced by inline turbo 6 cylinder engine

    Sounds like the replacement of the Pentastar V6 wouldn't begin happen until 2020 with the intro of the Jeep Wagoneer. But with the Wrangler's usual model life being so long, I wonder if we'll see the inline turbo 6 in the JL Wrangler at some point. Waiting until the next generation Wrangler...
  10. Wrangler JL 3.6L Tuning Now Available from Superchips

    Solid power gains considering it's an NA engine. Plus all the additional features it comes with. I'm sure the turbo will see even more power delta from the tune.
  11. M.O.R.E JL Wrangler Build and Parts (SEMA 2018 - JLWF Coverage)

    Nice full coverage skid plates. Does it come painted or bare? What material and what thickness?
  12. Motor City Aftermarket JL Wrangler Build and Parts [SEMA 2018 - JLWF Coverage]

    Nice to see a new manufacturer on the scene. I like that roll cage mounting bar, haven't seen anything like it.
  13. Source: $2500 Base Price Increase for JL Wrangler

    The just announced upgraded new axles make the price increase more palatable.
  14. Buying 2018 Wrangler JL under invoice?

    Exactly. Maybe during the production ramp up with more limited supply we'll see greedy dealers trying to price gouge. But after that as production hits full production there shouldn't be any reason why ppl should be getting ripped off. Especially considering production capacity will be higher...
  15. Giving it all up for a JL

    Bold move! :rock: Do you already know who you're ordering with or are you gonna shop around when the JL hits?
  16. How will JL debut affect JK resale?

    I know it's like a decade ago but anyone remember how TJ resale values were affected by the JK when it came out?
  17. 100 Days To Go!

    Same here. Thank goodness for all the info/leaks coming from this forum, it would be even harder wait without it. Also helps for planning... getting a better idea of what to order come October.
  18. New JL wheel spotted?

    Hmm kind of looks like the new JL Rubicon wheels minus the white/silver/reflective parts. ?
  19. Source: $2500 Base Price Increase for JL Wrangler

    After the interior spy photos I pretty much thought it would be around that. As long as the JL has upgraded stock axles/suspension and lighter or better designed hard top I think it will be well worth it.
  20. Unwrapped 2018 Jeep Wrangler JLU from production plant!

    The tops are the big one I'm waiting on. I take mine on and off so much it will probably make or break whether I trade up. It's too bad the leaked pic didnt show the top but happy to see at least it appears to open up close to the windshield just like the JK. Some of the interior pics had me...