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  1. 2019 Rubicon Stopped In Middle Of Road/Traffic

    Thanks, The Dealer today ordered a new module as they believe the module controlling it is faulty but I'll suggest this as well.
  2. 2019 Rubicon Stopped In Middle Of Road/Traffic

    So I picked up my Rubicon last week, 240 miles on the clock already and a few day ago while going up a ramp in a garage the car engaged the active safety with the settings set to Near. I found another thread in which someone stated a similar occurrence. I think it's odd as I own 4 other FCA...
  3. Recommended Dealers List

    Just a final review on getting my wrangler at 3% below invoice at Meadowland Of Carmel. Car arrived, Sales Manager texted me it was in. They prepared all the paperwork and I was good to go. $80 Doc fee with 3% is nearly comparable to 5% under invoice with $699 doc and doesn't require a 2-3 hour...
  4. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    Picked up my Bikini Saturday.
  5. Advantage to buying at local dealership?

    They'll find out when they look up the info regardless that it wasn't bought local especially if dealerships are using different systems. I've been doing this for a long time and have owned over 12 FCA product in the last 5 years. This isn't some random shit I spew. The amount of issues I get at...
  6. Advantage to buying at local dealership?

    Once again, not ALL dealers are this way. If you read the post I said that. But come to Yonkers Dodge, White Plains Dodge, Eastchester Dodge, Larchmont Dodge and tell them you bought the car elsewhere and plan on servicing here and you lived local the whole time. Have fun with that.
  7. Advantage to buying at local dealership?

    That's 100% different then specifically living local and buying elsewhere. I'm speaking for the NYC Metro area, not for the entire FCA dealer network.
  8. Advantage to buying at local dealership?

    This isn't true 100% and sometimes needs to be stressed. Service Departments and Sales do work together and if they see you didn't buy it from them they MAY - Bump your service appointment further away - Not go as far warranty work approvals - No Loaners In no way am I justifying NOT buying...
  9. Price Request: Is this a good deal?

    If your doing $2500 down plus whatever your trade in is (Assuming there is equity) $400 a month is bad if you have a good MF and regular residual in the mid to upper 60's. I would get the Money Factor (Or interest rate, it can be converted) and residual. 3.5k off a sport S is a good deal but...
  10. Just Ordered, how long we thinking?

    My Wrangler arrived today (Unlimited rubicon, Bikini Pearl) Ordered 4-11 Delivered 5-7 (27 Days)
  11. Just Ordered, how long we thinking?

    My 4-11 Wrangler is now KZL as of friday. So Wens KZ now KZL which is just pending shipping now but released. Gotta say the May numbers got a little worse for leasing.
  12. Just Ordered, how long we thinking?

    I was KZ as of yesterday (4-11 Order date)
  13. Map of dealers with competitive pricing

    I'm as transparent as possible, All my local dealers to me will not service/warranty any body complaints if you didn't purchase the car from them. Any warranty work must go back to the originating dealer in the Metro NYC area. No Loaners unless you bought from them and expect 2-3 week back long...
  14. Map of dealers with competitive pricing

    When you have to come back to dealers in this area to service, is $1000 worth the hassle of being thrown to the back of scheduling and/not getting loaner privileges? I bought my Durango SRT from Koons in VA, My local dealer said if they could match that pricing would I do it? I said sure. I now...
  15. Just Ordered, how long we thinking?

    My wrangler has been in J status for trim for over a week now. Starting to think its ended up like my red eye and they had to scrap the car lol.
  16. Map of dealers with competitive pricing

    Submitted to the map Meadowland Of Carmel. I got just shy under 3% under invoice which is great for my area, 2 hour drive each way I can't justify an extra percentage point or two. Must contact Sales Manager to get it, won't get it just walking into any sales guy.
  17. Just Ordered, how long we thinking?

    I ordered on 4-11, Car was in J status this past Friday 4/26.
  18. First time jeep owner - worst dealership I have ever dealt with

    I bought a used 13' SRT Charger from them, wouldn't buy from them again. They first didn't acknowledge their own internet sales price and first price was 3k higher. They doubted their own internet sale price I pulled on my phone and then agreed to the price. A few days later I came to sign the...
  19. Is this normal?

    9% is going to be nigh impossible, 3% under invoice is easy with most dealers espically the ones on our forum. Anything under 3 becomes more of a challenge which is why the map/links exist to locate dealers willing to do so.
  20. MF & Residuals Getting Worse?

    Anyone notice this month residuals and MF's have only gotten worse? 65-66% for Sport S and Rubicon's with US Bank coming in at the best with .00180 MF. Stopped by my dealer today to take a look at Bikini but right now with 3% below invoice I'm looking at a $480ish payment for a $43k Sport S and...