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  1. Thoughts on warranty for 4xe?

    Anyone have real data on the warranty, particularly the battery
  2. I want the first 4xe Rubicon.

    Chris have you figured out any more info re: warranty for 4xe? Particularly on the battery as that's where a ton of the cost is. Thanks
  3. Help me get off the fence

    thanks for sharing your post and congrats your jeep looks outstanding!
  4. Help me get off the fence

    Well thanks all of you - you have helped for sure! Bottom line is life is short and enjoy the ride, right? Turbo diesels are just too much fun at high altitude. Will pull the trigger for sure when the right one comes along and with them landing regularly at the dealers that wont be long. The...
  5. Help me get off the fence

    Have a 2018 Rubi JL with low miles. Can get decent trade and have been eyeing the diesel. Have run diesel in other makes and enjoy the torque and power, particularly in the rockies - though at times they leaked oil which was annoying. There are a few in the area that are a couple grand off...
  6. JLU vs. JKU, and JLU Rubicon vs. JLU Sport

    Have been meaning to post this for a while. Long time jeep fan. Have owned multiple JKU's over the years including Sport, Sahara, and Rubicon. Bought a JLU Rubicon as soon as they hit the dealerships earlier this year and then bought a JLU Sport shortly thereafter. First, the JLU vs. JKU...
  7. Little things you discovered on your JL

    Does anyone know why there is a small compartment behind the auto transmission gearshift? Mine popped off the other day. Just wondering why it’s there in the first place? Look on the back, lower area of the gearshift and you’ll see it?