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  1. Difference between Red Rubicon shocks and Fox Rubicon shocks?

    Ok, what's the Difference between Red Rubicon shocks and the Silver Fox Rubicon shocks on the gladiator?
  2. Atlas JLUR... Jeep #5

    Well - Stage 1 gets a lot closer to completion... Nemesis Fenders and Inner Fenders installed!!! It was a process and had a little bit of "modification" involved but overall it was pretty good! What do you guys think!
  3. Atlas JLUR... Jeep #5

    LOL ... hey buddy! That is special Colorado mud!!
  4. Atlas JLUR... Jeep #5

    Not bad at all. I really like them. Installation is a lot easier with a JL that with the JKs. The cowl is easy to remove and run the wiring under.
  5. Atlas JLUR... Jeep #5

    There are a couple of threads on here comparing the two. You can look them up. Also, reread the entire build list and you can see that axles are in Stage 2 for the long term...
  6. Atlas JLUR... Jeep #5

    Yes, I have it for the front camera and setting lighting options and swaybar, etc. It does a lot more on that side than the Pulsar. The Pulsar adds the power though! I am thinking yes on the unmarry for service. I know Tazer says yes so I will do it for both. Now that I've done it once it's...
  7. Atlas JLUR... Jeep #5

    I really like it. It does feel like there is more power and better response. The installation was easy. The only challenge is that I also installed a Tazer JL Mini and you have to get used to turning the Cruise Control on when you want to use the Tazer (it turns the Pulsar off). They do work...
  8. Atlas JLUR... Jeep #5

    I hear ya! It was a big thought process and debate for us. When we saw some at EJS on 40s with the stock 44s we made the decision to do the same. Definitely go 38s with your next set! I love the Patagonia 38s. We're about to put them on one of our other jeeps.
  9. Giveaway of the Month - August 2019 - Your Choice of a Frame-Built Front Bumper

    Frame-Built Bumper #2401
  10. Horrible gas mileage jl

    No doubt... that's what I was expecting!
  11. Horrible gas mileage jl

    No, it's not a sport... but I am impressed with this... And this is the Jeep... 2019 JLUR on 40s, 4 1/2" coilovers, 3.6/4.10, borla exhaust, aFe cold air intake, Pulsar (set on Tow) ... I'll take that gas mileage any day!
  12. Recommended Dealers List

    We purchased two 2019 JLURs from Perkins Jeep in Colorado Springs. They were phenomenal to work with (Jimmy Walker on the sales side). I would highly recommend them and we would go back anytime. We also took our other Jeeps to their service department for some warranty work and that was a great...
  13. Atlas JLUR... Jeep #5

    Yes, I will eventually do some custom PRP seats and a cage. That may have to be Stage 4! :-)
  14. Atlas JLUR... Jeep #5

    Hi JP, I've heard that question for years! It seems like it's a standard one for many people. Here are a few of my reasons for going the route that I did: 1) I have already built 3 JKs (2 JKUs, 1 JK) from the base Sport model as we listened to that exact question and the opinions when we...
  15. Atlas JLUR... Jeep #5

    Thank you! Me too... just dropped the fenders and inner fenders off for powder coating this morning!!! Woo hoo
  16. Off-Road Camera (front facing) writeup

    Yea, I saw that too. Way more complicated than the $30 camera and $25 video connector than I can handle.
  17. Off-Road Camera (front facing) writeup

    Did you get the simple $25 yellow wire or the $50 wiring harness? Disconnect those extra red wires and tape them off. I read about those earlier in the thread and no one used them so neither did I. Even the guys video on zautomotive said don't use them. I really don't know if that's the...
  18. Off-Road Camera (front facing) writeup

    Thank you for this thread and all of your input and suggestion!!! I just finished up my install and programming... it works!!!
  19. Shift on the Fly Tuning, Tire Calibration, and Throttle Sensitivity Booster Now Shipping

    SuperChips - can I definitely run the Pulsar with a Tazor JL Mini.. I see one person here that says yes but I can't get it to show up on the Audio. Thank you for your help. UPDATE: YES!!! I used Martindfletcher's suggestion of turning on the Cruise Control and it worked. Yes, you have to be...