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  1. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    Reading the 2020 will offer a 2.0 Turbo without the EcoTorque. Lot less to go wrong or catch on fire. It will have the stop/start feature though.
  2. My horrible dealer visit experience

    Wings are typically bolted on, spar through fuselage. Air frames tend to be riveted as well, not welded. Perhaps the answer to all of Jeeps problems is using bolts and rivets.
  3. What are your estimated take rates for the coming 3-liter diesel?

    I lost some interest in Diesels when DEF became necessary. A VW Passat Wagon at >40mpg when Diesel cost less than gasoline, those days are gone.
  4. e/Torque and 48V battery warranty question?

    In eight years it should cost a couple hundred at best, if that.
  5. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    Better not get in an airplane. If you think a manual option to operate a power window adds complexity, you have not even a basic clue of engineering. Many cars with power moon roof, have manual process too.
  6. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    Cool.. I mean if you have a 2.0 Turbo and have had no problems, then of course why wouldn't people like it. But: From a design stand point, I just disagree defending all the cooling lines, 48v battery etc. for negligible return vs all the cost and yes, potential failure. I love new...
  7. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    It's not over everyone's head. What nerve was it that was hit?
  8. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    Classic Endowment Effect: ""In a valuation paradigm, people will tend to pay more to retain something they own than to obtain something they do not own—even when there is no cause for attachment, or even if the item was only obtained minutes ago. In an exchange paradigm, people given a good are...
  9. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    I wouldn't touch one. This is suppose to be an off road vehicle? Look at the plethora of plumbing and wiring attached to undercarriage. Crazy stuff when you can get a different engine without all these points of failure
  10. My first warranty visit tomorrow for leaking rear shock

    Have a part # ? This shows JL shocks
  11. My first warranty visit tomorrow for leaking rear shock

    What the ^&%$& ? Is Jeep now an arm of the Federal Government?
  12. 2019 Jeep Wrangler Ordering Shows 3.0L CRD Diesel V6 (w/Manual Transmission?) and 3.6L BSG Engines!

    I'd favor the 3.6L on 87 octane usage alone. I read the 2.0L specifies 91 octane, so factor that cost in to MPG as well.
  13. My JLUR was hauled off on a flatbed today... 1890 miles

    On the bright side, you haven't run in to half a dozen more issues by actually possessing and driving it.
  14. Excessive heat from uconnect screen

    i sincerely do and appreciate your and others incite to this vehicle. Again, many things I read are echoed, and this is probably quite an unremarkable slice of owners being able to vent here. This reminds me of American car troubles in the 1970's when near all American manufacturers built cars...
  15. Excessive heat from uconnect screen

    Honestly, I'm trying hard in this forum to find any issue the Jeep doesn't have. Nearly every problem mentioned is sustained by more members.
  16. What octane is everyone running?

    Performance, aka Horse Power. There is plenty HP on 87 octane in the EcoBoost for 99% of drivers.. It does not add MPG or is better for engine, all myths. The Higher octane will let the timing advance a bit, which gets you some Horse Power. It's a shame the 2.0 4cyl turbo engine specifies 91...
  17. What octane is everyone running?

    If they state to run premium in the 2.0, then it is what it is. I don't understand why FCA would tune an engine that needs anything but 87 with today's technology. My truck has twin turbos and does the 1/4 mile stock in 13.7 , with 87 octane (as specified). People reporting the V6 is rated...
  18. What octane is everyone running?

    So the 2.0 4cyl turbo user manual specifies 87? Back in thread was stated 91. Do I hear 89 or 93 now?