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  1. JL with Mopar beadlock wheels and 2" lift

    Anyone know the bolt size for my Mopar appearance (non-beadlock) ring bolts? I sorta got part of a tree stuck in between the fake beadlock ring and tire this past weekend, and need to take off the bolts to remove the aforementioned tree parts lol. Yes, I was having a lot of fun kinda making my...
  2. Finally broke Christine in...hard

    Mettowee off-road park in Granville NY.
  3. Finally broke Christine in...hard

    That's a great idea. It's been 5 days, and I am still finding dry mud on my driveway in the mornings when I go to get in it lol. I am not too concerned about it looking new again as that will be impossible, and it will get more mud inevitably in the future anyway. That stuff sets up like...
  4. Finally broke Christine in...hard

    Well, even though it was CAKED in mud, it still worked. It took me a day to clean out the inside, and have been slowly working on the outside this week. I have pressure sprayed several times, and well, still lot's of mud to get from the undercarriage but my baby isn't a mall queen, so a little...
  5. Finally broke Christine in...hard

    So, after prepping Christine to be off-road worthy, I stretched her legs last weekend at an off-road park here in NY. This place was slam packed with all kinds of home made mud rigs, 4-wheelers, etc. Of course, my Jeep was the only new JL out there and people were looking at me like I was...
  6. Warn Zeon 10s install plus a few other goodies (pics)

    Yes, my tires stick out by a couple of inches max. Thanks for the kind words, and no spacers with my Mopar wheels. I also have the Mopar spare tire relocation kit along with the Mopar 3rd brake light relocation kit, so no issues at all.
  7. Which winch for JL Wrangler

    Warn Zeon 10s with JCR plate. Couldn't be happier.
  8. Warn Zeon 10s install plus a few other goodies (pics)

    Trust me, I understand the sickness. My Zeon sat in the garage for two weeks while I waited for my winch plate. It was depressing to say the least lol. My Mopar wheels have the "fake" bead lock rings on them currently. Although, I am ordering the real bead lock rings as well to utilize when...
  9. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Hey @LydiaSP613 , is there any more room for another NY Jeep forum member like say, myself to join you all? :like:
  10. Rusting welds

    Thanks for the heads up. Now I will have to go out and check my welds. I didn't notice any during my winch install, but maybe it's simply because I wasn't looking all that closely.
  11. JL with Mopar beadlock wheels and 2" lift

    Well, I guess it depends on the dog, but thanks for the kind words :cwl:
  12. Warn Zeon 10s install plus a few other goodies (pics)

    Ironically, I just installed the center bolt yesterday. I actually took a hack saw and cut the bolt down short, and then installed so that there is zero chance my winch line would contact it. The bolts are pretty long and when I test fit the center bolt after install, I didn't like how far...
  13. Warn Zeon 10s install plus a few other goodies (pics)

    Yes, I pulled my winch forward as far as it would go and it slightly touches the frame mounts on each side. I did this to ensure the winch didn't rub against my grill. No, I have not called Warn yet about the lever but thanks for the heads up. Ironically, my lever works fine and am not sure...
  14. Picture request thread

    I realize this is a little off topic, but for anyone interested in the Warn Zeon S, I got mine from Autoanything shipped for $1093 shipped. This is not the Platinum which correct me if I am wrong @Sloxkhart98 but yours has the wireless remote? Nonetheless, for anyone looking for the Zeon...
  15. I now understand

    This is my first Jeep and while it's a Rubicon, I have still spent almost 5 figures in just mods :facepalm:. Fellow member @FatBoy01 told me I would acquire the "sickness" quickly, and wow was he right. The Jeep is like a Lego set with endless mods and customization's to make it our own...
  16. What did you name your Jeep JL?

    I originally named mine Mad Max....but after giving it more thought, I have settled on Christine :devil:
  17. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed the Artec CAD skid, and I must say I am impressed. I have the rear lower control arm skids to install as well. Also hack sawed my bumper top bolt in half so it doesn't rub against my winch line :rock:
  18. JL with Mopar beadlock wheels and 2" lift

    The rings only comes in silver, and then you have to have them powder coated or painted to your liking. I got all 5 powder coated for $240 which I thought was reasonable.
  19. Worst of luck

    That makes logical sense as to why the windshields are subjected to a high number of chips. I am lucky that I don't have one yet, but a buddy of mine has a JK and has replaced several in just the last couple of years.