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  1. Florida Roll Call!

    Glad to pay if forward Morton and I’m sure the rails will look great!! Enjoy!!!
  2. Mopar Winch Guard bar

    Mopar winch guard bar for steel bumper group. $180 shipped US but prefer local sale. No hardware only bar being sold. (4 longer bolts not included)
  3. Mopar soft top storage bag

    Mopar soft storage bag. Practically new. Only used it once. $100 shipped US
  4. Florida Roll Call!

    Thanks for the Welcome Morton! Live in north St. Augustine (210). On my 4th wrangler and this JLU is the best one yet!
  5. Anybody else's JLs doors do this?

    My drivers door is popping/clicking when I open and close it. I’ve tried loosening/ tightening both hinge bolts, door check bolt and the two nuts on the door side with no luck to getting it to stop. Any other ideas outside of door check replacement? Just trying to avoid making a trip to the...
  6. Borla Climber exhaust -$400 shipped

    Thanks Jacob and enjoy!!!
  7. Borla Climber exhaust -$400 shipped

    Up for sale is a Borla 140747 2.5" Climber Cat-Back Exhaust System for 18-19 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JL Bought it from Quadratec for $479.99 last week. Installed it... Wife hated it... Now back to stock :-( Only had it on for 2 days and about 50 miles. $400 shipped US
  8. Rattle inside Passenger Front Door

    I have a similar rattle and found that it’s near the weatherstripping near the bottom of the window on the outside of the door. If I press below the window (drivers door) there is a lot of flex and makes the weatherstripping move. Almost feel that the outer door shell has separated from the...
  9. Too Many Windshield Replacements?

    I’m in the business on the carrier side in Florida. Each state is different with respect (state statutes) to cancelations but can you lose a claims free discount which will make your rates go up... yes Some companies will consider windshield (comprehensive) losses non chargeable but with a...
  10. Rubicon rock rails North Florida (JAX) $200

    Basically new (took them off shortly after purchase) 4 door St. Augustine/ Jacksonville $200 local pick up only.
  11. JLU rear security while topless

    Anyone receive their soft top version yet? I ordered mine Labor Day weekend and still don’t have it. Last I heard it would be first week of November but not holding my breath... Just curious about the fit and finish as I am still considering the Tuffy option if this doesn’t show up soon.
  12. Track bar frame weld issue recall! [Updated with official UA5 recall notice w/ repair procedure]

    Good to hear that this is systemic then and not isolated. In the other topic with the rear track bar there were two different weld patterns on the bracket. What a cluster f*%k...
  13. Track bar frame weld issue recall! [Updated with official UA5 recall notice w/ repair procedure]

    I posted photos in the rear track bar thread and there appears to be a indent/ crack on the frame side which also is alarming. My front welds look better than the rear which isn’t saying much. This further proves the point that if the front track bar welds are in question than what about the...
  14. Rear track bar bracket/weld

    When was yours built? Interesting that that there is two different weld patterns on this bracket... Mine was built on 5/31
  15. Rear track bar bracket/weld

    I don’t have the vertical crack but the same crack where the frame dents in is there. Here’s a pic of the weld job on the rear track bar as well. No expert here but that to me looks horrendous. I’m on the recall list too for the front track bar so basically anything welded to the frame is...
  16. Track bar frame weld issue recall! [Updated with official UA5 recall notice w/ repair procedure]

    Build 5/30/18 and confirmed that my Rubicon is on the recall. I very concerned as this is a family vehicle for me like many others. Also from the experience I have had with two dealers so far with other issues (steering, etc..) blowing off my concerns it doesn’t sit well that these same dealers...
  17. Reminder: 5 quarts of oil to avoid oil overfill

    I just had my first and last oil change at my local dealership. Documentation states 5 quarts but the dipstick doesn’t lie... Told my service advisor when I dropped it off and confirmed the docs when picked it. Unfortunately I was running late to work so I didn’t have time to check it before I...
  18. Shifter boot - shift linkage squeak

    No return squeak once they replaced the shift linkage assembly. Took about 5 days to get the part in and had it back in a day after repairs. I really believe it’s only just the spring in the linkage that is bad but I don’t think they can just change this part and pull the whole assembly.
  19. JLU rear security while topless

    I ordered the soft top backbone with the special price of $399 over Labor Day weekend and received a call today that they are back ordered for 4-6 week... Not great news but decided to wait it out. Was a tough choice between Tuffy and the backbone. Just feel that the Tuffy will rattle due to...
  20. My Steering Issues Have Been Fixed!

    PM sent Darlene and thanks!